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Vanessa - November 21

I am 6 dpo and all of a sudden I just got some mild cramping in my lower abs and my boobs tingled for a little while. I'm also a bit gassy (sorry). Is this just me looking for stuff or are these regular symptoms? TTC for 6 months and very impatient.


Deb - November 21

Hi Vanessa~ wow..you and I are in the same boat, even how many DPO! I have been getting that same type of symptoms. I have been getting cramping and a lot of hearburn. My boobs really arent that sore at all..I was pg in June, but then miscarried right away..had these symptoms too. Have you charted your BBT at all? This is my first time charting and so far I am above the coverline..so Im trying not to get my hopes up about it..but we will see...if you want to talk more on email let me know!!


Vanessa - November 22

Hey Deb, this is my first time charting as well. I've been above coverline now for 7 days and like you, am trying not to get my hopes up. My cramping is gone today and I feel fairly normal, although I woke up with a huge headache. I'm hoping what I felt yesterday wasn't all in my head. Sorry to hear about your miscarriage. Let's hope this is our month!


Deb - November 22

Hey Vanessa! Well today I had a lot of heartburn but really didnt have to much cramping. I have a slight headache everynow and then, but nothing that really stands out and say this is a pg symptom ya know. Well today my temp was at 98.5 and yesterday it was at 98.1 so hopfully it will stay above my coverline and I will get a BFP on Sunday!! I dont want to get my hopes up about this month, but you just never know. Its like..we want to be pg so bad and when it doesnt happen, I feel like I failed or something ya know... well lets just hope we get a BFP this weekend!! Have a Happy Thanksgiving!!


guest - November 23

I'm 3dpo and I am more crampy and with lower back pain. ??implantation Something different from last cycle though! When I was pregnant with my daughter I found out I was pregnant at 5wks and the only symptom I had was tingling/sore nipples. (TMI) A week later the sore bb and nausea started. Well see, Dec 4 is the day af is expected...anyone with the same date?


Vanessa - November 23

Hi ladies. 8 dpo and my temps are still above coverline. I get nervous when the alarm goes off and I have to take my temp. Worried that it'll dip below and I'll be disapointed. I am also worried because I'm experiencing PMS like symptoms. Was ready to bite my husbands head off last night (very irritable), my skin broke out and my boobs are getting very sore. Typical pms stuff for me. I'm afraid this may not be my month -- again. Hope you guys are doing well!


Veronica - November 29

I am curious to know how all of you ladies are doing?


Vanessa - November 29

Veronica, hi! I'm presently 14 dpo, waiting for my AF any minute/day now. It's going to be one of those days were I run to the bathroom every two seconds to check. My temp was still up this morning so I may be safe for today. My temp dropped on 12 dpo but then up again for the last two days. Am very confused as this is supposed to be a good sign but I have no symptoms other than mild pms cramps. How are you all?


Mega - November 29

Ohhh, that does sound promising Vanessa. Hopefully that was an implantation dip you charted. Good luck! Keep us posted. I had my IUI last Friday, so I'm pretty early in the whole 2ww thing. Trying not to overanalyze everything my body does, at least not this soon. Give me a few more days. LOL! But my boobs aren't sore yet, they were last IUI, it started only a couple days after the procedure. Since that cycle was a bust, I'm actually thinking I'd rather not have any symptoms, b/c I did last time & wasn't pregnant. Babydust to you all!!!



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