6 days of ewcm, still no peak on my opk?
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fitnessfan21 - June 9

I have had 6 days of consistent egg-white cervical mucus and only high readings on my fertility monitor. This has been the longest amount of days with this much cm. Could my fertility monitor have missed ovulation, or is it still coming?


katie_b - June 9

hi , i dont use opk or monitor and mostly trust what my body say , last month i had 10 days of cm , not every day the same but had it for more than a week and i did some reading , so when O is delayed this might happen ! here is the website www.woomb.org and you can find lots of information , ps ; if you really want to be sure give blood test so you wont miss this cycle ! good luck


fitnessfan21 - June 10

Thanks for the response. I will be sure to check out the website. Good luck to you.



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