60 days...no AF...any ladies have similar prob?
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mrose - January 30

It has been 60 days since my last period. I have had some VERY light spotting for about three days total, off and on though. Not enough to even get on a panty liner...only there when I wiped. That is now gone as well, I have had very little cramping. Only on the first day of spotting, so ofcourse I assumed that was AF getting ready to start. But no...she never came. My periods have been getting longer and longer over the past year, but this is the first of not having one at all. The longest time before this was 52 days....has anyone had this happen? I've heard that it may be PCOS. I have a doctors appt on the 10th, but was still hoping to get some insight from you ladies? Thanks! Baby dust to everyone!


Holly - January 30

Hi mrose.. I have had this happen.. my AF shows up between 32 to 52 days.. depending. My last one was 47 days. I have been told I have PCOS but am going for a second opinion. I do get cysts, but usually only 2.. last time I had 5 or so.. so I need a second opinion.. So yes.. it is normal.. I really hope that the doctor can give you some answers. Have you done a pg test?? are you on any fertility drugs? Hope it works out for you.. *~Baby Dust~*


mrose - January 30

Holly yes I have done 4 pregnancy tests...the first three I think may have been too early. I chart my temp and if it is accurate it shows I should have ovulated on the 4th. The other test I took day before yesterday in the morning, but another BFN. No I am not on any fertility drugs. I am going to ask my doctor about this when I see her. A friend of mine started her first round of Clomid on Jan 5th, and found out a week ago that she is pregnant...I hope that if my doc puts me on clomid it works as well for me. I have been told it sounds like I have PCOS, but I am not sure. I have never had cysts that I know of. If I have, they have never bothered me. Have you ever had AF not show at all just very light spotting? Thanks! baby dust!


MuzikGurl - January 30

mrose, you're not alone...I recently had a 76 day cycle and then out of the blue I had my period without any meds. now I am on CD26 of this cycle. I'm starting to notice certain symptoms I have now that I did the last cycle but without charting and keeping a journal of everything I go through day by day then I don't think I would have gave it second thought. I was dx with PCOS so, irregular periods are a normal thing for me. Right now I am not on any meds until I start AF by the 8th dr. told me to take the clomid he gave me. Unless I start on or before the 2nd of feb. to take it on my 6th day of my cycle. every once in a while I would start spotting and dr. said it's normal all it means is my hormones are trying to do what is normal for a woman with a normal cycle but, my levels won't let it so, now I'm having to take clomid (1st round). I did find out I did have a cyst on my right side but I always cramp on my left...drs. have no clue why that is..but, I'm assuming it's nothing to worry about. Well, good luck!


hopeful06 - January 31

I'm in the same boat. My last regular period was Nov. 7th (and even that was 2 1/2 weeks late) I went to the doctor and she said I wasn't ovulating. (I was on Birth Control for 4 years) I was put on Metformin (glucofage) and began very light spotting Thursday, but it's done now. I'm a little confused by the spotting since I was expecting a normal period.... I'm still trying to figure everything out too--especially since my hormone tests came back normal. Who knows?? Good luck at the dr's!!


mrose - January 31

I was wondering if any of you ladies chart your temperature? I was trying to figure out if I did indeed ovulate on the 4th...here is my temps for that week... starting on 1/2...97.7 97.2 97.9 97.7 97.7 97.4(this was 1/7) and it stayed between 97.4 and 97.7 until 1/20 and it dropped to 96.8...thought maybe AF was on the way but nope. After that they went back to being from 97.3-97.5 97.3 being the most common. It's so hard waiting for the doctors appointment. I just want to find out what is wrong and fix it so I can get pregnant! Is it possible to have cysts but not know it? I have noticed over the past week I have been having pains in my right leg, especially my right arm and on my ride side, where my ovary would be located....don't know if this means anything??


bump - January 31




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