5 months TTC - 2 DPO - new with Clear Blue Easy Monitor
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littlenenita - October 31

Hi everyone, this is my first post ever on any board. My husband and I have been TTC since we got married this year. This is month number 5, and I have had an HSG test this cycle on day 8 and the results were great, no blockage in my tubes (but it hurt me really bad!!!). Just strated using the Clear Blue Easy Monitor with this cycle too. I am now 2 DPO and just beginning the 2WW. The nurse said sometimes having the HSG increases your chances of becoming pregnant, so my fingers are crossed that with the HSG and also using the monitor, that maybe I will be pregnant this time! Anyone want to wait with me? I need a buddy!


Allie - October 31

Hi Littlenenita, my husband and I have been TTC for 10mos. I just ovulated today (using clear blue easy monitor). Hopefully it worked for us too. I had a question....what exactly is HSG? Thanks. Good Luck to you.


maddie - October 31

Good luck !! I got pregnant my first month using the monitor and highly recommend it to all. Just keep going even if it seems like you are never going to ovulate. I couldn't believe how late I O.....best wishes :)


Allie - October 31

Maddie: You are so right! According to the CBE monitor, I was ovulating a day or two later than I THOUGHT I actually was. I highly recommend it too!!


Littlenenita - November 1

Thanks Allie & Maddie for the words of encouragement.
Allie, an HSG is an X-ray test, where they put dye in through your cervix and show it on an X-ray as they do it. It shows the dye flowing through your fallopian tubes and then spill out, if there are no blockages in your tubes. I have endometriosis, so my dr wanted me to get the test done to see if there was any scar tissue blocking my tubes. But, they were both clear! If they weren't clear, then the x-ray would have shown the dye stop and no go further past where ever it could have been blocked. Thankfully I was able to see the dye gp through my tubes nicely! It was very uncomfortable for me though, no, PAINFUL actually. But I have read that to some women it doesn't cause much pain, and to others it can be excruciating.

Keep me posted on how your 2 week wait is!! Good luck!!


Allie - November 9

Hey girls! Just wondering if anyone has had any pg symptoms? or if AF showed. I am still waiting for NO AF on Saturday, but it usually comes two days early...either way I DON'T WANT IT!!!! Let me know how you guys are holding up!!! This is my last month ttc (January will be one year) until I go for my tests!! HOPEFULLY it worked out THIS TIME!! Good luck!



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