56 Days, No Period, Not PG, Taking Medroxypr
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kdlovesrd - February 20

Is anyone else in my situation (hopefully?!)? I am 27 years old TTC for over a year now without any luck. Since October, I have had the most irregular cycles in my entire life (and I was always normal). Right now I'm 56 days in and no period (last one was December 27, 2006); been to the doctor and found out I have nothing wrong with me (exam was normal, results normal, ovaries normal, no signs/symptoms of pregnancy OR pms!) other than a lack of period. I've taken 2 HPT's (both were negative) and 1 Blood HCG (negative) on Friday. The doctor gave me a prescription for Medroxypr to make myself menstruate and I'm so far 4 days in and no period. I have 8 more tablets left. As soon as I have my cycle, the doctor is giving me Clomid tablets to increase my fertility. Is anyone else in this situation or been in this situation? I am stressed to the max because not only am I wishing I could get my cycle so I can begin my fertility drug, but I am scared of this drug Medroxypr as on the caution sheet it says its been linked to breast/ovarian/uterine cancers and to not be taken my women who are PG or who are trying to get PG. Help!!!


mommywannabe - February 20

kdlovesrd, well I can relate. In the past 2 years of TTC I have taken Medroxyprogesterone quite a few times. Before TTC and even after my first DD I was regular and then all of the sudden TTC gave me irregular cycles. I have taken Medroxy. most of them time all the way thru and then got my period but I have taken a few tablets as well and got it too. Just whatever you do if you take them all and it's still a no show after 2 weeks call your doc. I have taken Clomid for 9 cycles in all and right now am in a break period for TTC before we go and do IUI. However if a surprise natural BFP happens we will be happy. CD29 for me and still no show so who knows. I am just praying if it's not BFP I don't have to take Medroxy.


kdlovesrd - February 20

I've been reading that usually after you stop taking the dose of Medroxypr that you'll get your cycle so maybe I should just concentrate on that and stop waking up each day going "ok, ___ days and no period"....Its hard going through this situation "alone" because my Mom and I cant relate (she got pregnant with me 3 months into trying), my husband's sisters are popping out children like rabbits (like its so easy for them!) and all of my friends are either currently pregnant (no problems) or have kids already and haven't been through what I'm experiencing. There are days where I literally cry myself to sleep because I think God is punishing me for the things I did when I was younger. I know none of this stress is helping the situation but its all I think about from sunrise to sunset! ~Baby Dust~


mommywannabe - February 20

Girl, I feel your pain. Since I have been trying both my sisters have or are popping out 2 kids already. One had one when I first started to try and then when that one was 4 mths old got preggo again. While she was preggo with her first my other sister got pregnant and she's almost ready to deliver again. My aunt's both got preggo while I was trying as well as about 10 of my friends. It was so heartbreaking and of course they don't know what you are going thru because they just ended up pregnant. Yes I do have one but she's six and ready for a sibling and I don't know what to tell her but that I am trying. My advice is what you said just don't worry about what day it is and let it take it's course. Nothing you can do really. Believe me it's something I've asked a number of times and got that very answer. I can totally relate.


kdlovesrd - February 20

Thank you for listening!! I hope you get blessed with good news~


mommywannabe - February 20

Same to you!!


Mindy1 - February 21

Hello there! I am sooo happy to have found someone else in the same boat as me. Clomid has seriously changed my life. Until I went on Clomid, I was either bleeding 24/7 or not bleeding for 6 months. My body didnt know what was going on. I was considered "annovulatory". Anyways. Your probably not gonna get a period til all your pills are gone, atleast thats what happened with me. once I started bleeding, doc put me on the clomid, and clomid has actually regulated my cycles which is cool. I hope the same happens for you, its worked for pleeeeeeeenty of women with unexplained infertility, especially if doc has checked you and your okay. Your just not ovulating, so this is the solution. I am on round 2 of clomid, getting ready for round 3 if the egg doesnt stick this time, but I have alot of faith in this drug. its made my body do things its never done before. If you dont mind hot flashes and nightly sweats, its worth every bit of hassle. I have faith it will work for you too, and Ill keep you in my prayers :)


vistagirl81 - February 21

i have not had my pd sice dec 7th.. im on clomid but still have none"{ you are not alone.it feels very good to have someone who understands what i am going through,,


Sara - February 21

I'm in the same boat as you kdlovesrd. My periods are very irregular I had to take prometrium to start my period. It took 2 weeks from the last pill and I asked the nurse and she said that's normal. I have taken Clomid in the past but unfortunatly it never worked for me. Since May '06 i've been going to a fertility clinic. Dh and I will be starting IVF in the next couple of months. When I had recent bloodwork done my prolactin level was elevated. I had to start parlodel to decrease the level. I also had an MRI of my pituitary gland this past monday and it showed I had a microadenoma on my pituitary. That explains the elevated prolactin. The meds should work. Anyway that's were we are at right now. We have to take care of this problem before we can begin IVF. Other than that everything is fine with DH and I.


kdlovesrd - February 22

Thank you all for responding -- to see that I am not alone with my worries is soothing. I keep thinking I'm the only woman on the planet who is normal with an irregular AF! Right now its day 58 and my 6th day on Medroxy. I've got 6 more pills to take to induce my cycle -- hopefully something will trigger it. I am already having hot flashes like crazy (I feel like my grandma! -- I'll be getting into as little clothes as possible & my hubby is curled up with the comforter on the couch while the AC is on 68! lol). I am having a lot of pressure on my tummy (any of you ladies having that?) and it feels so good to be without clothes than to wear pants or anything that smushes my belly. I thought maybe its just cause I've gained weight though my pants arent tight anywhere else but in the belly region. In the mirror I still look like I did before so maybe its just my mind playing tricks on me. I think this is one of the only times in my life I've actually WANTED my cycle to come, haha. :)



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