50 and 100mg clomid
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Janet - August 4

My question is: for the past 3 months i was taking 50mg clomid, and duringovulatin time i did see a temperature rise. however i didnt fall pregnant.. this month the doc increased the dosage to 100mg... i am on day 25 and still dont see any obivious temperature difference. Could anyone guess whats going on?


K - August 4

Hmmm... that's odd. Could you not have ovulated yet? Did they check to see if you had any follicles from the clomid?


annette - August 4

make sure you do an u/s before ovulation, to see the follicle gowth, and then bloodwork to test the progesterone level, to see if u have actually ovulated. this should give a clear picture of whats going on in ur body.


Sara - August 4

Hi Janet, I have the exact same problem, I'm on 100mg of Clomid and have no idea if I ovulated or not. Right now i'm on day 24. I see my doc every 3 months to see if I'm preggo or not then he just gives me more pills... he never orders bloodwork to see if I do ovulate with the Clomid. I didn't realize they do that until I found this website. Maybe I should ask him more ques next time I see him...



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