4th round of Clomid
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Molly - December 2

Hey everyone.... I have been ttc for 14 months and af just arrived again yesterday. At least this month I didn't have my hopes up as high, it's starting to feel like it will never happen! Just looking for a few friends who would like to hang out in here this month, it's going to be a long month for me! Welcome to anyone who would like to chat!


miranda - December 3

hi, i will start my 4th round of 100mg clomid days 3-7 tomorrow...i knew i missed it this month because i only bd 2 days before and the day after o....this will be our month....lots of prayers and baby dust our way!


Jackie - December 3

Hi, Molly. I took my last round of clomid last month @ 150 mg, my gyn thought I should see an RE. I decided that I needed a break. Now he put me on Glucophage. I keep forgeting to take it. It will take a few months to kick in. This is so discouraging.


Elynka - December 3

Molly, or anyone for that matter. I don't know much about Clomid. When you say 4th round, what exactly does that mean? How long is a round? Does Clomid increase your number of eggs that are released? Lots of q's, sorry. Just curious. I have been trying for 11 months. Starting to wonder if that would be something worth looking into. Oh, also curious, about chance of having multiples on Clomid.


miranda - December 4

a round is a cycle....and yes there is a higher chance of multiples....


kotkot - December 7

hey molly .. in which cd are u??? well i was on clomid for three cycles after being diagnosed with PCOS and i got pregnant and miscarried at week 6 .. well after three failures of clomid cycles i decided to go for a specialist .... i went for the appointment todayu and guess what ?? there was a 16.5mm follicle ( has been growing up naturally as i decided to take abreak from clomid) .. iam totally chocked as i got used to the idea that i wont be ovulating on my own. i have been trying for 16 months now


beth - December 8

Hi, I have so far unexplained infertility and am on my fourth round of clomid and IUI. This fourth tme we also did the HCG trigger shot. I was so hopeful but now I feel like I am getting my period any minute. I too am losing hope. We have tried it all and nothing. I think maybe we will take a break before moving on...but it's so hard no to try.


fla - December 8

Hi. I have been trying now for 12 months and I have also taken my 4th round of clomid. I started with 50mg then, 100 mg and then up to 150mg which I have taken the last two cycles. I am hoping for no af sometime next week. This 2ww is awful!! Good luck to you all.


miranda - December 9

i am on cd 8 and i have tons of ewcm...is it possible to o this early on clomid????


Molly - December 9

Hi girls, thanks for your replies! I have been meaning to get on here the last few days and have been so busy. I am on cd 9, just took my last Clomid pill today. Haven't had any hot flushes this month, but lots of nagging pain in my left ovary, which I get every month. I am on 50mg, when we tested my levels the first 2 cycles it was 58 and then 97! I thought for sure i was pregnant after the 97 reult! But here I am, starting a new month... Jackie what's Glucophage? Is it like Clomid? Elynka, I know that Clomid stimulates the follicles to grow them into eggs, but I'm not sure about whether or not you release more than one egg because of Clomid. I guess sometimes, because there is a slight chance of multiples... Hey Kotkot what cd are you? That's great that you have ovulated without the Clomid. i spoke to a lady yesterday that is pregnant with her 3rd child and she took 18 months with each of her first 2 to fall pregnant. She used no fertility drugs and it happened for her. That was so encouraging! Hi Beth, has af come? I hope not... Miranda I think it is possible to ovulate that early, I have heard of a few women who have ovulated really early, around cd8 and fallen pregnant - that's why it took them longer to fall pregnant because they always started bding too late! hope everyone is going well


Deb - December 13

Did any of you guys have problems actually ovulating? Or did your doc just put you on Clomid cause you were ovulating regularly..but not getting pregnant? Just asking cause my dh and I have had every test under the sun done and all is normal...so my doctor said our next step would be Clomid..but I dont understand how that will help me if I am already ovulating. Can anyone help?


Molly - December 13

Hi Deb, my dr put me on Clomid because she thought I wasn't ovulating. Once on the Clomid, my progesterone levels have been really high, which indicates ovulation. I'm not sure why you would go on Clomid if you already are ovulating - maybe it would make your follicles grow bigger? Sorry I can't be more helpful!


beth - December 14

I think I ovulate on my own but as part of iui treatment my dr said that iui with clomid was more successful than iui without or clomid without iui. Maybe b/c they can monitor you more easily and the follicles are bigger? I just know that it didn't work for me yet. I hope it works for all of you. Anyone do more than 4 rounds?



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