4 questions, please give your opinion
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Michelle - September 25

1. Is it possible to ovulate w/o a positive opk? (EWCM present but day 22 on a clomid cd 3-7 cycle)
2. If you have more than one follicle releasing, will you have more pain that with typical ovulation pain?
3. If you do ovulate late, will egg quality be affected?
4. Can you have EWCM right before O?


TC - September 25

I had some ewcm the day before af started. Day 22 sounds a little late for clomid.


Michelle - September 25

Thanks, it feels like af, although early, but the ewcm threw me. This clomid has me really confused. Maybe I should do without it.


Gina - September 25

i think that you should talk to your doc if you have any questions. To better help in predicting O you should temp. it really helps. Im also on clomid days 3-7


Lena - September 25

1. Yes it is possible to ovulate w/o a positive opk? Most common reason would be faulty test or faulty test taking. 2. Possibly you can have more pain. 3. I'm assuming your are talking about a few days late? Egg quality is not effected by late ovulation. It is possible that "late ovulation" could cause the follicle to regress with out releasing the egg. 4. Yes you can have EWCM right before O.



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