4 dpo & need waiting buddies!
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BAF - August 23

4 dpo today (8/23/06) and wanted buddies to wait with and share stories & symptoms. Hoping for a BFP after 2 years of TTC and 2 early m/c.


SashaP - August 23

I'm 5 dpiui. I've been ttc for over 2 1/2 yrs I got pg in April with my 1st iui but m/c'd twins at 8 weeks. I'm hoping this iui takes and I get my bfp. Are you taking prometrium or anything else? Baby dust and belly rubs...


BAF - August 24

Hi SashaP. So sorry to hear about your m/c. I have suffered through 2 at about 6 weeks. I was finally diagnosed last summer with luteal phase defect. I took 4 months of Clomid, no help! Had horrible side effects and gained 11 lbs. So we took some time off from ttc and now we're back in the game. I'm using natural progesterone and vitamins/herbs to treat my lpd. So far I think it's working. I've been charting my temps, using opk's and last month, I had a progesterone level test done 7 dpo. It was above normal! Yeah! Just hoping to conceive! Best of luck to you. When will you test?


isa - August 24

6 dpo so one day off from you BAF. TTC over 1 1/2 years, 7 failed iui's, no m/c, no fertilizations, nothing. Natural cycle, looking into doing ivf next cycle or one after that if this doesnt work. I'm almost 41 so timing is of the essence. Sorry about all your m/c's and hope for healthy pg's this time around.


BAF - August 24

Hi Isa. Wishing you the best of luck too! Maybe ivf is the answer! I'm almost 34 and know how you feel about timing. I'm so sick of everyone telling me to just relax and let it happen! It's so nice to have this site to go to talk to women who are in the same boat! Thanks!


SashaP - August 24

I'm going to test on Thursday it will be 13 dpiui. I have a dr's appt that day so I'd like to know going in there if I am. I didn't get my bfp before until 15 dpiui so I hope I get lucky. I'm on prometrium and still trying to get used to it. It's making me totally nuts I'm so emotional and feel so pg. So I don't know whats real and whats not. I knew a week after my IUI the last time that I was, I know it sounds crazy but I just knew I was. When are you ladies going to test?


BAF - August 25

Hi SashaP, I think I will test Thursday as well! That will be a day or so before AF, although I'm praying she'll stay away! My temps have been real high the last few days (I'm trying not to read anything in to it!). Blessings! Have a great Friday!


SashaP - August 26

It will be the day before af as well for me. My temp finally went up to 98 today. But I looked on my chart and thats the same day cd that it went up to 98 on the month I got pg. So hopefully thats a good sign. I was spotting 2 days ago when I woke up. I'm hoping that was implantation bleeding. Have you noticed anything besides high temps? I hope your having a lovely weekend!


BAF - August 26

Good morning. My temps are still up today. I wasn't charting my temps last time I m/c so I don't have anything to compare to. But I looked back over the last 5 months & so far, they are higher than any of those months! Again, I'm trying not to get my hopes up. No spotting for me. With both of my previous pregnancies, I didn't have any spotting (implantation). Did you? I hope that's a sign for you! I pray this is our month as I'm so ready! I felt like my dh was getting frustrated this month with the bd on demand! I try to keep it spontaneous, but it's hard when you're trying to get it in the fertile window. I promised him if it didn't happen this month, I'd chill out and not focus so much on it next month (if I can do that!). Have a great weekend!


BAF - August 26

Oh, boobs a little sore today, but that's normal for me about this time of my cycle (7dpo).


BAF - August 26

If you don't mind me asking, is the iui expensive? Does insurance cover it? Is it painful?


isa - August 26

hi guys cd 20. I dont test i just watch my temps and wait for af. My last 4 days are 98.0, 98.0, 97.8, 97.7 (coverline 97.4) so I'm not expecting anything this month since they are already slowly falling. BAF - iui' s are different for everyone. Most say they dont hurt. I have one doc who I cramped up with almost every time he did it and a female doc who was very gentle and hardly felt it. Mine including sperm wash was $400 canadian and it was 2 iui' s one day after the other. Your meds are on top of that depending on what you would be on depends on the cost. Some do iui without meds and only use a trigger shot which is about $75. My insurance covers only part of the medication not the $400 procedure. Sasha what are your temps normally like. You said you are at 98 now. I was 3 and 4 days ago but I dont tend to get up much higher than that. 2 or 3 months I think I once hit a 98.2 and a 98.4 but thats unusual for me. My pre ovulations can be as low as 96.6 but typically around 96.8, or 96.9 and my post ovulation are typically high 97's to 98.0 .


SashaP - August 26

My iui cost $276 insurance does not cover it . My clomid is only $23 a month so thats cheap. My first IUI was no different then a pap. But the one I had this cycle was very painful for me. My cervix tilted from having the D&C so it wasn't a direct shot. They had to use a hook on my cervix to open it more so that they could get a better angle. Plus it took over 10 minutes to do. My temps are usually high 97's during the luteal phase when I'm on clomid when I'm not on it I'm mid 97's. The only time it went into the 98's and stayed was when I was pg. I had a dip at 12dpiui the month I got pg and I think thats when I implanted. I didn't have any implantation bleeding before. How's everyones weekend going so far?


BAF - August 26

Hi Ladies, thanks for the information. I truly hope I don't have to resort to iui, but if so, I guess it's never too late to start getting informed. My temps seem higher than usual (last 3 days 98.37, 98.41, 98.26, coverline 97.87) but like I said, I'm trying not to read anything in to it! I did get above 98 last month too during my luteal phase. I just hope I can stay strong until Thursday to test. I'm currently on cd24 and o'd on cd17. I did notice some creamy cm this morning (again, not reading anything in!). Blessings to you both for a bundle of joy this month! Have a wonderful weekend!


aish - August 28

hi frnds , i am also in waiting period i had my IUI on23 aug...I am taking prometrium vaginally....do u expd. cramps .....as i am experiencing cramps now .I dont know what to think.it is my 2nd IUi & has unexplained infertility...I live in va...


SashaP - August 28

Welcome aish! Well ladies my temp went up to 98.4 yesterday and today it dropped to 97.9 so I'm hoping it's an implantation dip I'm 10 dpiui. Last time I had it at 12 dpiui. aish I have been cramped up also. How is everyone doing today? Just a few more days till we can all start testing!! Talk to you ladies later..


BAF - August 29

Hi aish! Glad you've joined us. SashaP, my temps dipped yesterday, 98.1 and today was up to 98.6! I'm trying not to get excited, but it's hard. Can't wait to test! Is it Thursday yet? Blessings!



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