4 days of pos. ovulation tests!
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Angela - March 4

I started taking home ovulation tests 4 days ago, and everyday they are positive...VERY POSITIVE! This is the first time that they have ever been positive for me, and I was just wondering if that can mean I am pregnant or if it means something else?!?


Jo - March 5

Hey Angela,
I have heard that lots of positive ovulation tests can mean that you are pregnant, but I used to have lots of positive ovulation tests (like 4-6 in a row) and it was because I had PCOS. I had irregular periods and tended to put on weight too.
Hope this helps


hmm - March 5

i would take a pregnancy test..good luck!


Angela - March 6

Thank you for responding, but can you tell me what I PCO is? B/C I also had irregular periods and put alot of weight on.


NML - March 6

hello. I too get 3-4 positive OPK results per cycle. However I am on a very regular 28 cycle, not sure why that happens but would like to know. I know I'm not prego, every month I get several positive results. Anyway good luck.


pinky - March 6

I have heard to for + OPK for 3days which is very common. Don't know about 4days though. Did u get your last period in full flow? Did u test pregnancy test?


angela - March 8

My last period was scant in flow, but I had a neg preg. test. Actually, as of today, I have had 6 pos. ovulation tests. I am taking fertilaid and I was wondering if maybe that could be causing the pos. results. No, I haven't taken a preg. test, I am supposed to start the 13th-15th, so I can test next week.


kare21162 - March 8

Angela, I am on day 4 of positive ovulation tests too!!! Of course this is the first time that I have taken them, but I am doing it to figure my body out. Of course the first day that I took the ovulation test it was positive, so I don't know how long I could of had positives. My cycles average out to be 30-32 days long. So I tested on day 13 and it was positive, I don' t know what to think. PCOS is (PolyCystic Ovarian Syndrome). It's also known as PCOD (PolyCystic Ovarian Disease) and Stein-Leventhal Syndrome. It is treatable, but not curable. These are the symptoms: Irregular or absent menses.
Numerous cysts on the ovaries in many, but not all, cases.
High blood pressure.
Elevated insulin levels, Insulin Resistance, or Diabetes.
Excess hair on the face and body.
Thinning of the scalp hair (alopecia).
Weight Problems or obesity that is centered around your mid section. I hope that this helps.



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