4 1/2 years ttc and getting tired!!!
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buttiefly - January 15

my husband and i have been toghether 8 years and have been ttc for 4 1/2. i was diagnosed with pcos 3 years ago and have been on clomid ever sence. i just started metformin 2 months ago and my periods are beginning to be regular but still no conception. i'm still havong trouble figuring out when i ovulate. dose anyone have some advise for me? please? i'm starting to get tired of all the negitaves every month.


Mrs. Atacador - January 15

Buttiefly...I know how you feel hunny. I was diag. with PCOS in 2005 and me and my husband have been TTC for 2yrs. now. Everyday is a struggle for me and every month is a DISAPOINTMENT! Sometimes I feel like a failure. I feel like im not a women. It's a womens job to conceive and I cant even do it. Everyday I ask God why? Why me? What did I do wrong? But I have been doing alot of research and ALOT of women like us have gotten pregnant. I guess it all just takes time. We're not like "REGULAR" women. But in a way I think we're more special because once we do get pregnant I think we treasure it a little more. (im not saying other women dont either) I hope you understand what I mean. SOO many times I have wanted to give up but then I see a baby or imagine what mine will look like and I wipe the tears dust myself off and try again. I was also on Clomid for over 6 months and I had no luck. The doctors perscribed me Metformin a while back but I thought it was crazy because my Diabetic husband takes it so I didnt see the since. And now I could kill myself. I have heard ALOT of succese stories with it. It just takes time every womens different. But I beleive it will help. Me and my husband are going to a Fertility Doctor on the 19th and I am telling him I want to start takin it. So hang in there it will happen, just stay positive and it helps to talk about it. I just found this site last night and I already feel better about my situation. Just talking to someone that REALLY understands what I am going threw helps SOOO much. So if you need someone to talk to or just to vent you can write me at [email protected] I am also on yahoo messenger. I hope everything goes well for you. God bless and LOTS OF BABY DUST!!!!


Sara - January 15

Hi buttiefly, I can totally understand what your going thru. Dh and I have been TTC for 3/12 yrs with no luck. I've taken Clomid 50mg then 100mg, plus I've taken Metformin for a year. We are both healthly but I have some ovulation issues. I started going to a fertility clinic where we began an IUI cycle but my bloodwork on day 8 of my cycle indicated I already ovulated. They did the U/S on day 11 anyway and sure enough there were no mature follicles. I was so heartbroken but I'm ready to move on to the next phase. I do have to take BC pills to regulate my hormone levels. Have you and dh looked into IUI or seen a specialist? I have heard of Metformin working for some women. I do think it takes time for the drug to work properly. Even though I didn't conceive on it, it did regulate my cycles which I was glad about. I hope everything works out for you, it will work out at the end. What keeps me going is the fact I will be doing IUI or IVF (if it comes to that) in the next few months. I'm postive that will work for us. Good luck to you.


Tracy88 - January 15

My advice is to keep taking Metformin for the PCOS and ask a specialist about doing injectables with IUI (not IVF) if you can afford it. I know many women who TTC for like 10 years (clomid and all) and got PG on their first cycle of shots. So, to make a long story short, I did one cycle of shots after clomid failed me too, and got PG on the first try. Good luck.


Sara - January 15

Hi Tracey88, Glad to hear you got preggo after the injectables. We will prob be doing that too. I'm confident about it but nervous in a way too. My coverage thru work covers the injections, thank goodness. How many vials did you need? Do they start off when one? Great to hear your success story.


Marie6549 - January 15

Buttiefly.....I really know where you are coming from and thought that I would share my story with you. Me and dh were ttc for 4 years and I'm now 13 weeks pregnant with #2! For the first year I was using opk's and charting, then got referred to my consultant who put me straight on clomid and metformin and performed every test under the sun about twice over the whole time. We had to keep track of where we were every month as I had to take 150mg clomid (3 tablets) from days 2-6, then had a scan day 10 to check that I wasn't producing too many eggs, then had a blood test day 21 to check I ovulated and were still doing opk's the whole time. I was also diagnosed with PCOS a year ago. In the end we had gotten used to the idea that it wasn't meant to be and were happy that we had been blessed with DS4.5, that we booked a holiday to Mexico for August and didn't turn up for the blood tests or u/s and wham.....that was our month! It used to really annoy me when people said " you need to stop trying because it will happen" as I couldn't not know where I was in my cycle as I had to remember to take tablets, get an u/s and a blood test, but they were right. We can't go to Mexico til October now, but who cares?? My bundle is due 20th July......it's just nice to hear about the good stories and PLEASE don't give up xxxx


buttiefly - January 15

thank you everyone i feel a lot better and i still have hope. i'm still very young and i have plenty of time to try more things and not give up. baby dust to all!!!!


Tracy88 - January 15

Sara, I only needed one vial of Gonal-F. I did one shot per day at 75IU's, then did the trigger shot to ovulate and had back to back IUI's. The funny thing (not really funny) is that I still hyper-stimmed and was on bedrest until my ovaries shrank back down to normal. Every docotr is different, and the fact that I responded well to clomid (just didn't get PG) I think showed the doctor that I stim very easily. I was also monitored on a natural cycle to see how my body works on its own, so he knew I was ovulatiing and decided from there how much medication I needed. Good luck!


Sara - January 15

Hi Tracy88, thanks for the info. The thinks I will only need 1 vial of Gonal-F, but who knows til I'm actually ready for the IUI. Do you still take Clomid with the injections? Any more info would be great b/c I don't know many people who have done it other than on this forum.


Tracy88 - January 16

I did the Gonal-F by itself and not combined with anything else. Doctors are so different though, and they can do many combinations depending on what they think you need. I didn't need much, just a boost really, and for the timing of everything to be just right.


Tink - January 16

i agree with Tracy- see an RE (reproductive endocrinologist/fertiity specialist) and they can do so much more beyond just clomid for you. has your hubby been tested? did they do a dye test? these are all things they can do to help, beyond the PCOS problem. i suggest asking for IUI/injectables etc.....it can really make a difference with ovulation. good luck! i sought help from a specialist after a year, but i knew we had problems since we hadn't used BC in 5 years with no accidents.



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