42 ttc high prolactin levels
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mmelo - June 9

Hello ladies, I have been MIA for a few cycles. The last time I had checked in I had just done my first IUI after being on bromo for 5 months. My levels were still over 40 but they figured we could give it a try. The put me on Femara, then the HCG injection, then progesterone. All of which made me a little crazy, but I figured if it worked, it would be worth the aggravation. Well it didn't work. I took the month off, continued to take the bromo, was getting back into the mindset to try again this month. Did a blood test and now the levels are back up to 71 instead of down. I was stunned. Now they are putting me on dosinex to see if that helps, but I just blew another cycle because it takes about 4 weeks to kick in. I am so frustrated and discouraged. Any words of encouragement, I am beginning to think this is a pipe dream.


aish - June 10

my level was 26 and took dostines & came to 0.3 afetr3 mths of using it....so dostinex will decresae ur level very fast as compare to bromo...dont worry. i just had my 1 st IUI and in 2ww....so lets hope for the best....All the best ur level will come down very fast with dostinex


mmelo - June 12

Hi aish,
thx for your reply. I was on dosinex about 3 years ago, before I was ttc. I was on it for 3 months and began to have panic attacks, night sweats, numbness in my hands and arms. scared the daylights out of me, the only reason I am trying it again is because the bromo obviously isn't working. I am 42 yrs old. I can't afford any more things working against me.



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