41 yr old woman considering pregnancy
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Pamela - February 8

I will soon be 41. I have only one tube, due to a tubal pregnancy. If I were to reverse the other tube to try and get pregnant, what would be my chances of success, also what would be any risk factors for me. I am healthy right now for the most part. No forseeable complications.


Ann - February 8

Pamala, I don't know about the success rates, but your likliest complication would probably be your egg quality and ovarian reserve (I am dealing with that and I am 36). If you would like to get preg, I would go see a Reproductive Endocrinologist as soon as possible. You may be a candidate for ivf. They can do ivf without reversing a tubal ligation (if that is what you meant by reversed). Good luck!


hopeful06 - February 8

Pamela.....While pregnancy is possible in your 40s, you are also at an increased risk for a number of complications and birth defects, namely down syndrome. My advice would be to research as much as possible and talk to your doctor to determine your risks. I found a couple of interesting sites you might want to look at---I will post them here. If the forum adds dashes to the web addresses, remove them to view the site properly. I hope this helps. http://health.discovery.com/centers/pregnanc
Good luck!


jg - February 8

Hi Pamela. I know the stats aren't great for "older" women having children, and although i am younger (sorry!) than you, I know the pain of desperately wanting a child. I know a few women at your age who have had children (some by IVF, some naturally) with no complications at all, and there are always treatments available to help. Good luck Pamela.


Mega - February 8

I agree with jg. It's not without complications, but medical advances are making it easier, less risky for women in their late 30s, early 40s to have healthy pregnancies & healthy babies. And also it's all individual, get the tests done, see what the result is, maybe just b/c your chronological age is 41, your repro age could be much younger. Ann's right, get in to see a RE ASAP, explore your options with this. Good luck!!!



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