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shirley - November 15

What can I do now to improve my chances. I'm 41 and trying to conceive.


I am trying Ovulex .. - November 16

Hi , I would like to invite you to visit our message board. Its small enough to give individual attention to everyone’s post yet big enough to be supportive and informative. I know that TTC is a an exciting and sometimes heartbreaking journey. It’s so much better when you have someone along. Just join in anytime I know you will love it.
when you post be sur to use the refresh button.. you WILL get replies
Email me at [email protected]


eyebeeablessing2u - November 17

I think what actaully helped us conceive was the off bad thing that I had a cold the weeks before i ovulated and had been using cough medicine that contained guafaseiun..its in most cough medicines. not sure if I got the spelling right.. but it seems it help keep the cervical fluid happy for the sperm... not a sure thing to help but one that might be considered...


sabra - November 17

V-8 splash does better than guafaseiun for EWCM and has no drugs


Sherry - September 22

Hey Shirley

try ovulex it does work


jewel - September 22

Hi Shirley, I am also 41 and ttc.I just recently ordered Ovulex. It is supposed to do good. So, we will see. I am going to start them Saturday night. Will try to keep everyone informed.Baby dust to all.


TC - September 25

It's plain Robitussein that helps thin the cm. I think it's 2 tsp. twice a day starting five days prior to o and then through o. I heard ovulex was a scam. good luck



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