40,50,60 cysts?
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heidi - March 1

My question to you which you really need answer is if 40,50,60 or maybe more cysts is normal for persons suffering with PCOS? I went to my doctor and to my surprise this is what he found and told me that it is all normal..well is it??


Cutie - March 2

I really dont know, but from reading I know that they can go away on their own. But 60 cysts? Thats too many... I feel your pain. God Bless.


sally - March 2

hmmm..so many?i'm sorry I can't help but I hope others would send you a few lines on this !!


michelle - March 2

have you had a scan and do you know what sizes they are? areyou trying to conceive, i've never heard of this many before.



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