3rd Round of Clomid
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Mega - December 2

Hi Lisa. Hang in there. I know, the 2 WW is the toughest thing. I'm such an impatient person anyway. I've had a lot of other stuff on my mind this week, so this week hasn't been bad, but I think next week will be much tougher. I guess AF should arrive next Friday, according to my dr. I'll try not to test before hand. Easier said than done. :) If the dr said you can test by the 7th, today would probably be a little too early. But if you use a Early Response type test, maybe Mon. would be okay. IF you can't hold off til Wed. Do you have a busy weekend planned? Plenty of distractions? I always find that helps. That's strange that you were told to test 2 days later. I couldn't even guess why that would be. Unless if it's b/c you just BD this cycle rather than did an IUI. But still, with the Trigger you know exactly when you Ov. Interesting! I had my progesterone checked this morning. I should find out the results this PM. It's really weird, I have no nipple pain or anything yet. It started really early for me last cycle, which got my hopes up for nothing. Now, ironically since I'm symptom free my hopes are up high again. LOL! Are you still cramping? Keep me posted! That's cool, you & I are only 2 days apart cycle-wise.


Lisa - December 2

Hi Mega. This weekend should be busy. We are going to get our Christmas tree. I've been decorating the house, so it's keeping me kinda busy. I really haven't had any symptoms. The cramps are gone. I think, it was gas. (TMI-sorry) I hope every thing goes well with the progesterone. I'm not sure why mine is not being tested? Maybe, because I'm using progesterone suppositories?


Mega - December 2

Oh, sounds like you have a nice weekend planned. Decorating for Christmas can be so much fun. Some drs like to rely on the progesterone (day 21) check, others do not. But you're probably right, if you're on the prog. supplements I'm sure your dr doesn't feel the blood test is necessary. Gas could still be a good indicator. But not having symptoms doesn't seem to always be a bad sign. How weird is that?!


kotkot - December 4

hey lisa and mega.. hope this will be the month for both of u. for u mega .. yes i have done the HCG before i fall pregnant and imaginaly i got pregnant on the first round of clomid that follows the HSG and for the lap .. i am not sure what do u mean by that .. but after doing the HSG i have been under two similar operations on the doctor clinic .. the did me the same thing was done on the HSG but this time they inject my tubes with a liquid medications ( propably antibiotics) rather than the dye they used on the HSG... my doctor said that the results of the 2nd operation was perfect as nothing of the liquid returns back wich gives an indication that my tubes are clear .. i had also to go through a long long courses of multiple antibiotics to get over everything that may cause the blockage of the tube ...i also was instructed to do a daily vaginal wash with soduiom bicarbonate .. imaginaly i got pregnant the first round of clomid after doing all of that ... just 6 weeks and i miscarried.. i am totally lost with trying to find causes ..actually i used to have an end blockage of the tubes where the th eegg is supposed to meet the sperm.. anyway, i will try to explain that to the new doctor on wednesday and see what happens .. i am really frustrated !!!!


Mega - December 5

Good luck on your Wednesday appt., KotKot. I hope you get some answers then. It's good though that you're going to start seeing a specialist. I know you'll be in good hands. Well, I'm firmly in the 2nd of my 2 WW. No symptoms or anything. Normally my bbs would be really sore right now. But they're not, not at all. So, we'll see. How're you holding up, Lisa? Just a few days til you're able to test, right? Good luck. Please keep me posted.


Lisa - December 5

Hello Mega and Kotkot. I'm doing ok, but I'm very nervous about Wed. Wednesday I can test. I'm really hoping it will be a BFP, but this month I've been an emotional wreck which hasn't helped. The next couple of months we're going to take a break. I need it. I thank God for my DH, he's the best. Mega, how are you doing? Kotkot, I hope all goes well on Wed.


kotkot - December 6

hey girls.. hope that this will be the month.Lisa .. cant wait for tomorrow to know what happens , keep us posted wish u all the real luck this time. for me , i have an appointment 4.30 pm tomaorrows afternoon. my father ( adoctor (ENT specialist)) recommends the doctor i am going to see tomorrow ... i will post you as soon as i arrive home.. we will stand together in all of this. bye bye.


Mega - December 6

Good luck Lisa! Fingers' crossed that you get that BFP tomorrow. Hang in there, I know it's nerve wracking. That's wonderful that you have such a great support system though. :) Good luck with your appt. tomorrow, Kotkot. Since your dad recommended him, I'm sure he's the best. I'm doing okay. This is the first month I've hardly had any signs, so I'm cautiously optimistic that that in & of itself is a sign. :) I'm due for AF on Friday, so I'll know soon enough, I guess.


Lisa - December 7

BFN....I will not be posting for awhile. I need a break. I've been focusing too much on fertility. Mega my fingers are crossed. Kotkot, I hope your appointment went well. Baby Dust. Thank you for all of your support.


Mega - December 7

Lisa, I'm sorry about the BFN. I'm sure the break will do you a lot of good. I wish you luck for the future. Hang in there. Thanks for the well wishes. Kotkot, let me know how your appt. goes.


kotkot - December 7

hey girls!!! well.. lisa i know exactly what are u passing through , please lisa if u logg in another time to read this post.. i want you to be alittle bit stronger .. to hold on and never give up. i know that advices worth nothing but at least u know u are not alone in ur struggle.....ok, the flash news .... i have just arrived from the doctor's clinic .. the doctor is just a tough guy .. he is one of the most famouse over here . anyways after 30 minutes telling my long story ... he scanned me and guess what girls ! he found out that there is amature follicle 16.5mm on my right ovary ( i havnt taken a clomid thid cycle)... and he said that it looks perfect.. i just got a slap on the face .. that was too much astonishing for me .. did i tell u before that i was diagnosed with PCOS and that i was tellen that i cant ovulate myself !!!!!! anyways ... he said that everything looks normal even the white discharge which is an indication of ovulation .. my DH results were perfect . for now i have to do a progestrone test on 17/12 to check ovulation ( he was extremly surprised that my previouse doctors has never told me to do the pregestrone test ) ..anyways , i am just astonished how comes there is a mature follicle without taking anykind of ovulation medications. well ,10 days and i will know for sure if i will ovulate or not .. what do u know mega about the progestron test results .. and the point indicating that ovulation has happened! keep on touch wait to hear from u:)))


kotkot - December 9

hey mega and lisa?? what is up??


Mega - December 9

Hey Kotkot, that is fantastic news about your mature follie. I'm so glad your dr's appt. went so well. Dr's want a progesterone level of 10 or more. Mine always hovers around 13. something which isn't bad. A little above normal. Some drs swear by the progesterone tests, some do not. I'm still in the waiting game. I think though that I'm out this month. Today AF is due, so I took a HPT & it was BFN. But I'm not giving up hope til AF comes. So good luck with this cycle & your "natural" egg! :) Let me know how the progesterone test works out.


kotkot - December 10

hey mega.. do not give up ! hope that this month will be the one , hang on there even if the AF shows up .. plz keep on struggling. for me i think my doctor is just from those who swear by the progestrone test .. he insist on that . and he was totally chocked that i have never done it before. anyways , we have been bdiing two times the previouse two days and let's wait and see .. this cycle is not going to let me down cause i still cant believe that i can concieve that natural. baby dust for u and keep me on touch


kotkot - December 11

hey mega! wuz up?? hope everything is just going fine .. have u taken another test or not yet? plz keep me posted. for mr.. nothing new .. i have started the 2ww (uhhh):) well i do not have any expectations al alllllll ! at least in a clomid cycle i was expecting something to happen as i was dealing with PCOS as my major problem. anyways ,,,,i am comfortable with starting everything over .. my doctor hasnt mentioned anything about repeating any of the tests .. he just said that the progestrone is the major. he took a look at the hsg pictures and mention nothing about repeating it.... ok,, gotta go now have some quizes and exams to evaluate ( am a university teacher assistant!!!) so hope to hear from u soon: baby dust


Mega - December 12

Hi Kotkot. Thanks! AF showed up today for me. I'm bummed, of course, esp. now b/c I was sooo sure I was PG this time. But no, I'm definitely not giving up. I'm too stubborn for that. :) I'm fighting harder in fact. That's a major step that you grew your own natural egg this cycle, no matter how this cycle ends for you. Good luck in the 2 WW, by the way. Hang in there. I'm glad you like your new dr, hope he's the one to get you pregnant. Well, you know what I mean.



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