3rd Round of Clomid
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Mega - November 22

Thanks! I can't wait to go home & tell my DH the good news.


kotkot - November 22

i understand mega.. wish you all the luck girl. i will be longing to hear from you 2ww later. and you lisa keep up the good work. for me i might test tomorrow's morning at work and i will let you posted.bye bye


Mega - November 22

Thank you! I'll definitely let you know what the results are after my 2 ww. And good, I'll pop back here as well waiting to hear your results. Hang in there.


kotkot - November 23

hey mega and lisa .. well here is the story of today. i am 4 days late now and nothing has arrived yet. i havnt a chance to buy a test today. i was overloaded with late work and buisines meetings. anyway .. as i stated previousely i am preparing myself to the worst , holding a pack of sanitary pads with me !!! hope that wont use it for the coming nine months!!!:)))
i wish u all th eluck again and again


kotkot - November 24

hey ladies why u disappeared???hope to hear from u soon . for me .. still the same .. i had bad cramps today's morning so i believed it was about to come " the witch" but nothing till now!!! she is playing games on me ha ha ha .
anyways .. i am not sure if iam going for a blood test or not.. if so i will get a definite results by an hour !! which means a definit estop for the beatiful waitting game .. may be that is what iam afraid to loose (hope!!!) anyways, i will keep u posted . Mega tell u swhat happens tomorrow.. wish u luck girl!


Lisa - November 26

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving. Kotkot any news? Mega how was your IUI?


kotkot - November 29

well .. year absolutly there is new news ! a failed cycle has been added to my medical report!!!!well .. i got my AF saturday morning ( aweek late) and yeah i can tell u all that i was really disappointed.. to tell the truth i hadnt any positive expectations , i was preparing myself for the worst can happen .. but the thing that keeps me really frustrated is what i am going to do in the next step. i am thinking of changing my doctor .. as i told u i have an appointment tomorrow with a fertility specialist but i will have to rescheduale that as iam still having my AF. i am terribly confused with changing my doctor .. not because i got used to him .. but cause that means a totally new starting. anyways , i havnt taken any clomid this cycle .. i really need a break and i want my new doctor to screen me on my natural case.
anyways.. hope to hear from u lisa and mega keep us posted .. what happened on friday????


Lisa - November 29

Kotkot, I'm so sorry to hear about AF. See a new doctor is not an easy thing, but it could be for the best. I agree about seeing you doctor for the first time on an unmedicated cycle. Stay strong.


Nancy - November 29

yes i am starting my third round on Dec 3


Mega - November 29

Hi Lisa, hi Kotkot. Kotkot, I'm so sorry about AF coming so late. What a blow that must've been. She's a mean witch sometimes. But I'm glad you're going to a fertility specialist. It's tough at first, coming to the realization you need to do it, but they're so much more knowlegeable & they have so many more treatments available. Good luck at your appt. Be prepared, they'll probably put you through a battery of tests first. Lisa, my IUI went well I think. My egg was bigger this go around & the sperm count was a bit higher. Now I just have to get through the 2 WW. How're you feeling? You have what, another week to go on the wait? Good luck! And good luck to you Nancy. How long have you been TTC? Are you seeing an OB or a fertility specialist?


Lisa - November 30

Hi Mega, Kotkot, & Nancy. All is well. I have slight cramps today. I'm not sure what that might mean. I was told to test 12/7. It's going to be tough but I'm going to wait til then. I hope all is well.


Mega - November 30

I hope that's a good sign, Lisa! It could very well be. It would definitely be too early for AF cramps. Keep us posted!


kotkot - December 1

hey mega and lisa.... hope u are all fine!! well , i think i am clear now from the AF .. preparing myself for the appontment next wednesday.. it will be my CD 12 so the doctor will be able to double check that i have been diagnosed correctly with a PCOS and let's see what will happen then.. yeah mega i am preparing myself for a bunch of tests , iam also considering repeating the HSG to make sure my tubes are still clear , what do u think??? i think after a 3 failed cycles.. it deserves to re-check. well i am very disapponted girls .but iam trying to hold myself and stay strong.i will be checking the forum as usuall to keep in touch with you .. good luck on ur waitting!!!


Mega - December 1

Hang in there Kotkot. I'm glad you're preparing yourself for the tests. It's a hard thing, but at least with all the tests they do you'll know what you're dealing with & how to overcome it. I'd definitely discuss with your dr the merits of another HSG. Be sure to check coverage though, would you have to pay out of pocket for it? Did you have your last HSG before or after your recent m/c? If it was before, you might very well need another one. Esp. if you had a D&C. Also, maybe a lap might be the next step. Just to make sure you don't have endo either. I think I might give myself another couple of cycles & if I still don't have that BFP I'll consider getting the lap myself. Anyway, good luck & I'm glad you're feeling better. I am currently 7 DPO & feel nothing. No real symptoms which I'm hoping is a good sign.


Lisa - December 2

Hi Mega. This 2ww is really starting to get to me, but what can you do. I'm so tempted to test, but I don't think I'm ready to deal with the possible disappointment. 12/7 can't arrive any sooner. When did they tell you, you can test? This month they are having me test two days later. I wonder why?


Mega - December 2

Hi Lisa. Hang in there. I know, the 2 WW is the toughest thing. I'm such an impatient person anyway. I've had a lot of other stuff on my mind this week, so this week hasn't been bad, but I think next week will be much tougher. I guess AF should arrive next Friday, according to my dr. I'll try not to test before hand. Easier said than done. :) If the dr said you can test by the 7th, today would probably be a little too early. But if you use a Early Response type test, maybe Mon. would be okay. IF you can't hold off til Wed. Do you have a busy weekend planned? Plenty of distractions? I always find that helps. That's strange that you were told to test 2 days later. I couldn't even guess why that would be. Unless if it's b/c you just BD this cycle rather than did an IUI. But still, with the Trigger you know exactly when you Ov. Interesting! I had my progesterone checked this morning. I should find out the results this PM. It's really weird, I have no nipple pain or anything yet. It started really early for me last cycle, which got my hopes up for nothing. Now, ironically since I'm symptom free my hopes are up high again. LOL! Are you still cramping? Keep me posted! That's cool, you & I are only 2 days apart cycle-wise.



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