3rd Round of Clomid
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JenG - March 27

Hi Guys, I am sorry it has been a while. I unfortunately lost the baby, again. This is my second miscarriage now. Not as devastated as last... it was only at 6 1/2 weeks. The first week looked good, like the last pregnancy, but then it took a downfall after that and couldn't recover. RE says to what one month and begin trying again. We really didn't gain solid info other than both pregnancies had good numbers at the start, so they are summing it up to Chromosone issues. My RE is hesitant to do the official miscarriage testing as it does see that we had good pregnancies that all of a sudden ended. So, I don't know what to do. Mm, I am sorry you are going through your issues. I am not sure what is easier... having a hurtle, knowing what it is and getting through it or have it all still chance and unknown. How many miscarriages did you have? Go to the RE that specializes in IVF and genetic issues. Mega, still thinking about you and hope that you get a BFP!


Mega - March 27

JenG, I'm so sorry about the miscarriage. Are you comfortable with your RE's decision to hold off further testing re: why you've had 2 m/c now? I'll be thinking of you & I hope you get that sticky bean real soon. I'm in week 2 of my 2 WW, just hanging out. Hang in there. Come back & post anytime you need to vent.


JenG - March 27

Hi Mm, What tests did your OBGYN do? Was your numbers ever good (HCG and Progesterone)? Did he do chromo testing on your and your husband? What is the issue? The folic? Or something else?


JenG - March 30

Hi Mega, When is your A/F supposed to start? I go back and forth on my doc's decision. I will probably try beginning next month, and give chance a third try.


Mega - March 30

AF is probably due around 4/3 or so, I say. I usually have 16 day leutal phase. I'm probably going to start testing tomorrow or Sat. (April Fool's Day) though. If you don't feel like it's too soon, trying again next cycle might be a good time b/c you should be more fertile now. But do only what you're ready to do. I have 2 close friends that had back to back m/c & now are both PG again and both babies are doing really well & they're 22 weeks and 30 something weeks respectively. I'm sure you get tired of people saying things like that to you, but I hope it gives you some hope for a healthy 3rd pregnancy. Hang in there.



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