3rd IUI next week - Need some advice
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DCL - September 29

Hi All - I need some help. I am on my 3rd round of 100mg clomid and hopefully having my IUI late next week. This is my last round with clomid, probably moving to injectibles next month which I am not looking forward to. Anyhow, I want to know if it is ok to BD before the IUI and after. My hurse said it was ok to try after day 10 and we did last month but of course it didn't work. Wasn't sure if we did BD if that interfered with the IUI. Is it better to just do the IUI and not do anything ahead of time. My feeling is to get enough of my DH's little guys there before ovulation. I just don't want his numbers to be too low for the IUI. We are just at our wits end and will try anything to make it happen this month!!! Any advise...


aish - September 29

actually i had my 2 IUi but failed ... In my case my nurse told me when to do BD as i had HCG inj ... for eg.. if i have to go for IUI on monday i shud do hcg inj on saturday and also BD same day ....
Its better to call ur nurse and ask her...all the best


cspears99 - September 29

Hi we did 3 IUI's and didn't have any luck, my dr told us not to have sex before to hold off for atleast 3 days before but to do it every other day after for a few days?? I wish you the best, we are going to a clinic for our first appt to look into IVF, good luck!!! :-)


DCL - September 29

Thank you Aish and CSpears. With round 1 we did nothing except the IUI. My DH didn't want to do anything after just in case something happened. Round 2 we BD 3 days before and a day after IUI and that didn't work. His numbers were a lot lower the 2nd time but still very good. I think this time I am going to BD then I take the HSG shot then every other day after the IUI. I am on a mission to get pg this month!!!


mrshorse - September 29

We have done many IUIs. We started with clomid and moved up to follistem. My dr also told us to not bd for atleast 2 days before, but that we could go crazy afterwards. Good luck to you next week. Baby dust to you!



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