3 weeks late but not pregnant
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Not pregnant? - February 17

I am 3 weeks late for my periods, I have had an upset stomach for the past two weeks, I have had headaches for the past three weeks and I can't even smell food without wanting to vomit. I took a home pregnanct test and the doctor took a blood test and they were both negative. What else could this be from. I have not lossed or gained alot of weight and I have not been under alot of stress.


Marie - February 18

My friend she was 3 months pregnant and every blood test and HPT the doctors did or she did all came back negative! She didn't have her period so she began to worry! She went to her local OBGYN and they did a pelvic exam and ultrasound and sure enough they found a 9 week old sac! She delivered a perfectly healthy baby girl last year!
So, I advise you to go to the obgyn and get a pelvic exam and ultrasound if there is no sac/baby then your periods could just be shifting or an hormonal imbalance there is multiple things!

!!Good Luck!!


Beth - April 28

I am 17 years old. my period is always one month late or more. this time it is two and a half months late. but i have never had sex in my life and I am definitley NOT pregnant.Whats wrong with me? is this normal?



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