3 negitive test and 5 days late?
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heather - September 19

I have take in 3 pregnancy tests and all say no. But i'm also 4-5 days late? I dont get it i'm not always regular but usaally between the 12-15 but I only got my piriod on the 15 th once and it was a long time ago(3 months)? last month it was the 14th ? I dont know if its the cheep tests? I got one from family dollar and 2 from dollar tree? so I dont know ???? im really hopefull but I just dont know what to do ? anyone please help? thank you


Heather - September 19

I don't know what to tell you. I have taken 3 hpt's as well and all 3 were negative and I am 6 days late. I took the First Response and Answer tests. I just stopped BC pills in Aug., so I am thinking that's why I am late. If you come across any good answers, let me know. Good luck!


Mindi - September 19

Lol, meant to address this to you, but put your name in the spot where mine should go....sorry.


me - September 19

Sometimes it takes longer to register in the body. It is still possible that you are pregnant. Test every week of get a blood test to confirm. Good luck!


heather - September 19

thank you for your help. I guess Ill just wiat a cupple more days and see.:)


Don't give up...! - September 19

I just got a bfp in August, but it was only by a blood test. I'm almost 10 weeks now and urine tests only started to show 2 weeks ago. Some women just don't have high enough hcg, baby implants a little later ect. Don't give up, go for the bhcg if you can! :)


heather - September 19

how much does it usally cost to get a blood test? I no I should just wait but I really want to no eather way. so I dont know.. thanks girls



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