3 mths no period why?
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Cassie - February 21

I have been taking Ovulex and my husband has been taking Amberoz, we have been trying to concieve for three years with no luck. It is now Feb. 21 and I haven't had a period since Dec. 3rd. It seems like everyone around me is getting pregnant except me. My friend even got pregnant and had an abortion. I'm clueless as to what else I could do to make this easier on myself. Any advise?


Mega - February 21

Are you usually this irregular? I'd definitely suggest seeing your dr ASAP. Get it checked out. The dr (OB or preferably a RE) will probably run some b/w, check your thyroid, check for possible PCOS, etc. How long have you been taking Ovulex? Has it ever worked for you? I've never even heard of Amberoz, what is that? Hang in there. Since it's been 3 years for you, if you're not seeing a dr I hope you make an appt. soon. Good luck. HTH!



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