3 months of Clomid, 0 babies
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kimmie76 - February 28

I kinda just need some support/friends. My fiance and I have been TTC for about a year now. This week marks month 3 on clomid. I do go to my GYNO, once a month and do all the things he tells me to do, but I think I am starting to lose it. Has anyone else experienced severe mood swings?? Sometimes I just am nasty, and normally I am a very nice person!! Honest. I am also getting horrible hot flashes. I am not sure if that is normal either! I was wondering if there was anyone else out there that is suffering through these too or if someone else has gone through it. I would also like to ask if there are some people that are reading that got pregnant by just using clomid!?! THank you sooooo much!


Tracy - February 28

I can't say I've gotten pregnant by using clomid, but I can say, I know exactly where you are coming from. I am on day 21 of my third clomid cycle. I have lost my mind ten times already in the last 2 and half months, but always seem to find it, so I have faith you will come out ok. There are the regular ups and downs of trying to conceive added to the ups and downs of the drug. It's a lot to handle, but if I can do it, so can you. Stay strong. I know that's easier said than done. I try to practice what I preach, although it doesn't always seem to happen. If you need to vent, or if you just have questions, I am here.


kimmie76 - February 28

Thanks so much Tracy. I try to keep my cool, and stay relaxed but sometimes out of no where I just want to scream at my fiance and nit pick. I don't cause I know he hasn't done anything!!! I think the thing that drives me the most crazy is that I am sick to my stomach every morning and no pregnancy!! I have had problems with my stomach for a long time but when I had my son(without any help?!?!, don't know why I can't now) I was sick from the date of conception and have been ever since and my son is 5 yrs old. I just don't know what the next step is if clomid doesn't work, they already tested my fiance and they said his little men are perfect. That leaves me to blame. Sometimes I hate myself and wonder what I did to myself in the last six years that I can't have babies. What makes a woman stop ovulating?? I'm only 29, it just doesn't make sense. OMG I am so sorry looking at me ranting like a mad crazy woman!!! I have started a gym now, anyone know if working out will help?? LOL? I do need to lose some weight, but my GYNO said it won't help me get preggers!! Oh well at least I will feel better and be in better shape for if I do have a baby. I am kinda throwing myself a pity party today, everyone is welcome, I will bring the potato salad! LOL! I am done feeling sorry for me today, hope everyone has a good day and lots of baby dust to all in need of some!!!!


JENZEY - February 28

kimmie76 we have alot in common, I too am nit picking @ my fiance for no reason. I've been so moody because I feel like I'll never get pregnant. I also have a son & am not ovulating. I'm 28 & have been ttc 2 1/2 yrs. It's so frustrating! I went thru my 1st cycle of Clomid last week and go for my ultrasound on Friday to see if there are any follicles. (I'm so nervous) What should I expect on Friday? The doctor can tell by the ultrasound if I'm going to ovulate? You are not alone...Good luck & babydust!


Tracy - February 28

Kimmie, just because DH isn't the source of the problem, does not mean that you should blame yourself. Just think of it as....the more you blame yourself, the more stress you put on your body, and the more stress you put on your body, the longer it may take you to conceive. I went through the blame game and the guilt over being older than my husband, but when I realized how common it is for women to have trouble getting PG at the drop of a hat, I chilled out. I still ask myself, why me? but there is no answer to that. I know it will happen, it's just a matter of when. Can I stay sane during the ups and downs of failed cycles? I don't know, but I have no choice but to keep on keepin' on! Exercise increases oxygen in the blood and bllod flow through your body, so it will be very beneficial for you. I have a gym membership and never go, so DH told me night before last that he will pay for me to have a trainer twice a week for the next three months. He knows that's the only way to get me there. I have been so down over this whole TTC process that I am now ready to take charge and show myself what I am really made of!


heidi - March 2



heidi - March 2

i got pregnant on the 3rd month of clomid 2 years ago with my little boy have been on clomid for 5 months now with no luck but im trying to stay positive.good luck everyone.



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