3 miscarriages and less than 6 weeks along
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Dakotachristy84 - June 12

i am 22 and so far i have had 3 miscarriages. the 1st one was when i almost 3 months. that passed w/out a D&C. the 2nd, only 6 weeks, and the last one i was 3 months and the nurse told me there was no heartbeat. so i had to get a D&C. My soon to be hubby and i are really wanted to have a baby but we are scared that we are going to lose another one. The dr. i was going to did a test on the baby and it came back ok he said he was going to do some more test on me to see what else was wrong. I was just wondering what other problems could be wrong and what kind of test do they do


linds99 - June 12

I know that having poly cystic ovarian syndrom can increase the chanced of having a miscarriage. It is linked with the higher insulin levels in the blood, from what I read. Have you been checked for that? Also, have you and your husband had your blood types checked? You guys might need that to see if you have the RH factor? If your blood does contain the protein, your blood is said to be Rh positive (Rh+). If your blood does not contain the protein, your blood is said to be Rh negative (Rh-). This Rh factor is connected to your blood type. If blood is AB+, it means that you have type AB blood with a positive Rh factor. Or, you might have O- blood which means that you have type O blood with a negative Rh factor. It is particularly important for expectant mothers to know their blood's Rh factor. Occasionally, a baby will inherit an Rh positive blood type from its father while the mother has an Rh negative blood type. The baby's life could be in great danger if the mother's Rh negative blood attacks the baby's Rh positive blood. If this happens, an exchange transfusion may save the baby's life. The baby's blood can be exchanged for new blood that matches the mother's.


KitCat - June 12

You could also have a short luteal phase. That is the time between ovulation and your period. If your luteal phase is shorter than the average, it may cause an early miscarriage. Clomid is one way to treat a LPD(luteal phase defect). Clomid helps to stimulate your ovaries and give the egg an extra boost into developing, carrying it thru the luteal phase more heartily.


Dakotachristy84 - June 12

I do have normal periods and i lost the first 2 with 2 different guys


Dakotachristy84 - June 12

with the RH factor i have b+ and the hubby has 0+ is that going to be a factor in the RH thing



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