3 IUI's & no baby!
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Ann - February 24

I just found out today that I am NOT PG and I had 3 IUI's. I have no idea what to do next? Has this happened to anyone else? I am so upset and feel like I may NEVER get PG! Please Help!!!


Melin - February 25

I did first IUI negative, after one week I'll do second IUI.


Gloria - February 25

I will pray for you Ann, sweetheart!!!! I know how it feels! Don't give up! Don't lose hope!! It will happen at the right time! Just keep trying for as long as you can!


amy - February 27

I became pregnant following IUI #2 which unfortunately ended in m/c last week; however, I had a friend that took 4 IUI's to get pregnant and she now has a healthy baby boy! My MD stressed that on any given cycle, under 100% correct conditions any couple only has a 25% chance of concieving (she even said whether it is in the back seat of a car or via IUI!!!) I don't know what issues you had that led to IUI, but when I had my first IUI I was told by my MD that it was like my very first time trying..(my cm killed my husbands sperm and never had a chance prior to IUI).. so if you look at it that way, you have only tried for 3 months..some very fertile couples take up to 6 months or more to conceive naturally! So, don't loose hope, keep trying and stay positive. I know that it is hard when you have to pay every month to "try" and it seems like it will never happen..but it will..I will pray that it happens for you soon..and that it happens again for me too! Hope this gives you some hope!


ann - February 28

It was so nice to hear about how you put things into perspective for me! It really is like we've only been trying for 3 months! I am going to try another IUI next week! I will keep you in my prayers as well! Best Wishes!!!!!


amy - March 1

Hi Ann! Good luck to you on your next IUI..I will be trying it again this week too! Hopefully it will work out for both of us this month! I am glad that sharing my experiences has eased your anxiety..believe me, when you get pregnant the anxiety seems it will never end..the best thing I did after my 2nd IUI was to go on w/ my life as usual and try not to think about it too much..my first IUI I was constantly thinking about it and wondering if every pain was the start of a pregnancy..hang out w/ your significant other, friends, plan things to do over the 2 weeks to keep your mind off of it..they say that when you stop "stressing" over becoming pregnant it will happen (old wives tale..) but, that's exactly what happened to me! Unfortunatly ended in m/c..but I am not giving up..and don't you either! keeep me posted!



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