3 day periods
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diem - September 5

Anyone else out there have their period for only 3 days? I just had a miscarriage and I wonder if it has anything to do with my short periods. No one else I know has such a short period. And my cycle length is aout 30 days long.

I have never heard that this is BAD.....or GOOD.


whynotme - September 5

My periods have only ever been like 3 days. This last cycle was only 3 days long. Don't worry!


lovemy3 - September 5

Hi there, I am ttc#4 and am also wondering the same thing. M ine are really only heavy for 1 day and light for the other 2. This started when I turned 35 and am now 37. I am concerned it is the beginning signs og menopause as I haven't concieved yet. I have only tried 4 months. When I had my others my af was more like 4 or 5 days. When I look this up online, it talks about hormone imbalances. My cycle length is also 30 days. What does your dr say? I'm very sorry to hear about your m/c.


Lucky717 - September 6

Hi Diem,

I had to respond to this post also. My periods are 3 days long too. Heavy for one day then lighter and the third day super light. I used to have a 5-7 day period but noticed over the last year they have gotten shorter and much more different. The first thing my Dr. said was let's check to see if you are ovulating. If you are then you will shed the excess lining and your periods will be heavier and longer. If you aren't o'ing then you will see a signifigant difference in the amount of lining you are shedding with your period. Kinda makes sense in a way.


lovemy3 - September 6

Hi there, Lucky 717, were you o'ing still with the lighter periods? Mine are light like yours and according to the OPK's I am o'ving still. Thanks


Lucky717 - September 6

No I was not O'ing on my own. My progesterone levels were low. Once I started Clomid I started O'ing.


diem - September 6

I must be o'ing if I was just pg. OPK's always show surges. I always see temperature shifts. I will DEFINATELY bring this up to my doctor. I have to go for a follow up next week anyway. It sounds like we all have similar cycles. I usually bleed pretty heavy the first day and the next two days are pretty light. They didn't always used to be this way. Once I got off birth control they got a lot lighter. Strange.


lovemy3 - September 6

Hi Diem, Pls let us know what your dr says, good luck!


hoping - September 6

Hello! If you are a "researcher", there's a website http://woomb.org/fertility.html that you might want to look at.

It's filled with tons of the science of the cycles. Check out the bottom section called ovarian activity. I'm not sure if it has the exact info you're looking for, but it tells alot about different cycle lengths, etc and how the hormones are interacting.


mattiewinrow - September 6

Mine are also 3days long. heavy first day and very light the last 2. Don't worry. i don't think it's anything serious.


mommy2josh - September 6

Hey Diem. My cycles were always 30-35 days until we started ttc #2. At that point my cycles are anywhere from 36-50 days. My last AF lasted only 3 days which is not common for me (it usually lasts between 5-7 days). AF before that I bled 26 straight days. May be I had an early m/c, I dont know. I was concerned also about 3 day, but my doc assured me that everything is ok. Good luck.


lovemy3 - September 6

Mommy2josh, What did the dr say when he explained it? Did he say it was an indication of anything? For me, ttc#4, that is really the only thing I can pin point as different than when my other 3 were concieved. Thanks so much.


LoriB43 - September 6

Hi. My AF also only lasts 2 -3 days. My RE told me that this is not unusual at all. It is just dependant on how thick the lining of the uterus gets, therefore how much needs to be shed. Throughout ttc, I never needed progestrone. I must add though, I have never conceived. But, I had other conception issues. Don't know if that helps, but wanted to share.


lovemy3 - September 7

Thanks for the info. we are on cd 12 and the monitor showed a high today which I found weird since i don't usually o till 18, 19 or 20. it is our first month with the monitor and our 4th month ttc#4


lovemy3 - September 11




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