3-7 5-9 clomid first timer
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Meighen N. - March 17

What is the difference in taking clomid day 3-7 or day 5-9? My OB prescribed my 3-7 50 mg and this is my first cycle. Which one is considered better?


mother2Bsoon - March 17

Hi Meighen - glad to see you are doing better. I am cd 50mg cd5-9. I think it depends on your situation and what your OB thinks is best. My OB prescribed 50mg CD5-9 for everyone. She is trying to keep up with the progress and have better results. She increases only if you do not respond. Hope this helps!


Meighen N. - March 17

Is day 5-9 more effective than 3-7?? thanks for your response and yes I am feeling better...had a few tears and figured well it could be worse. Just have to stay positive.


mother2Bsoon - March 17

my ob didn't say if cd5-9 was better than cd 3-7. Cd5-9 is the norm for what she prescribes. I would suggest that you follow your doctors orders. For the most part...they know what they are talking about (lol)!!!



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