37 yrs. old and 1st ivf cycle
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whitey - April 10

I will turn 37 on the 17th this month and i have an fsh level of 11.4. I tried one round of iui and that didn't work and now i am starting ivf. Does anyone have any success strories with ivf and a borderline high fsh levels like mine. I feel like i need some confidence going into this. I would love to hear success stories to boost my confidence.


baby1234 - April 10

Head on over to the April/May IVF's thread. It is full of success stories. A lot of them are first time successes, too. They are a great support system and a wealth of information. You might also check out IVFCONNECTIONS.COM as they have a lot of info about cycling and are good about answering first timer's questions. I also have high fsh (highest at 13 but presently at around 8) and I am almost 35. I've done two ivfs. I got pg on each attempt but unfortunately mc at around 6weeks on each. I just found out that I have some immune issues that probably contributed to the mc. I'll be cycling again as soon as my stinking af shows up. I wish you lots of luck and hope to see you on the other thread. Take care. Stacie


ROBYN - April 10

Come over to our thread its great


Blakey - April 10

Hi whitey~
I got pregant on my 2nd IVF attempt! I had a high day 2 FSH- when I started my cycle- it was at 10.8, but my RE said it was still good enough to proceed. . I was on Lupron 2x a day 10 units, and I took Gonal-F, 2x a day at 300IU. I had 11 follicles after 8 days of stims. It was the best response I had ever had in any cycle. I had 2 embryos put back for transfer, and on Feb. 26th, I tested positive! This is my first pregnancy, and I will be 41. I wish you all the best with your cycle!!! Keep posted on how your doing!!!! Good luck to you!! :)


whitey - April 11

Thanks for your responses! Stacie i'm sorry about the 2 mc but it sounds promising for the next cycle. It also sounds like your immune issues have been resolved. Third is a charm! It is good to know that it is still possible with my FSH levels at 11.4 and now 10.8. I will also join in on the April/May ivf's and the ivfconnections.com. Blakey, That is GREAT news and congratulations! If you don't mind me asking....did you respond to the stims differently on the 1st cycle? I just received all my meds today. It is a little daunting. Did any of you have break through bleeding with the bcp? I am having it now..a little worrisome. Good luck Stacie and Congrats Blakey. Take Care, Nikki


baby1234 - April 11

Hi Nikki. Glad to hear you'll be joining us on the other thread! Blakely, Robyn, and I are all over there. I'll see you there. I am mostly a lurker on the ivfconnections site, but I have posted questions and responses. Let me know what your screen name is and I'll look for you. Mine is the same as it is here. To answer your question, yep, breakthrough bleeding is common. It is okay unless you have excessive bleeding (heavy) then I suggest you call your re. It sounds like you are very close to starting your cycle. Yea! It is excting and scary all at the same time. The meds do seem overwhelming, but it is amazing how quickly you adjust to all the shots, etc. If you did your iui with injectibles, then you know that it really isn't that big of a deal once you get started. If you haven't done injectibles yet, the first one is the hardest (and it is really a mental thing, I think, because they don't really hurt much) so you'll be fine. We'll do anything for a baby, right? Talk to you soon. Stacie


Blakey - April 11

Hi Whitey~
On my first IVF cycle I had a different RE-I had developed 5 follicles at the end of it all- and had 4 eggs retrieved, 1 was transferred. She ended up moving back to CO, so I was introduced to my new RE- and after she reviewd my case, and treatments, she did things differently. She upped my meds, and I skipped taking the bcp's- and was on lupron to suppress me, and on Gonal-F for stims...I just responded better to her protocol. Everyone is different, and I am hoping for great things with your cycle! Keep us posted, and yes, I do go over and visit, on the IVF board too, so hope to see you there. I know it's overwhelming when doing first IVF cylce. I remember feeling that way when I picked up all of my meds etc...it can be intimidating. But, once you start your cycle, it will go smoothly, and you will have it down to a science. DH used to give me the injections...he was very good at it. Also, makes him feel a part of the whole process.
Good luck hon, you'll do great!!! Keep posted!



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