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suz - October 25

hi i am clomid 100mg and i just found out I ovulated. AF showed up on day 31 of my cycle i am just wondering how i can figure out when i OVULATED so for next cycle i can work around that, how many days would I count back? thanks for the help


suz - October 25

an answer would be greatly appreciated!!



kl - October 25

Hi suz, normally they say you count back 14 days and it will give you your ovulation day but in reality most dont ovulate on day 14 so you have to figure out what your luteal phase is so that you will know in the future. I wouldnt just try and guess when you ov'd this month, buy opk's and start on day 10 and use them until you get your lh surge. Then the day after ovulation until the day BEFORE af starts is your luteal phase. It rarely changes more than a day either way. Normal is 12-14, under 10 days you wont hold a pregnancy and 15,16 plus probably wont yeild a pregnancy either. It means you have luteal phase defect if you arent within the normal range and that can be easily treated with help from a knowledgable doctor. Hope I've helped some. Also learn to do your BBT and check your cervix and the opening to your cervix (ie you want high and open and its your fertile time) and learn about your mucous. you want eggwhite mucous during your fertil times. One thing though your mucous may be less due to the clomid so dont rely just on it. If you are on clomid you should have been ultrasound and bloodwork monitored and they should be able to tell you when you are approaching and have ovulated.



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