2ww starting today. Who wants to join????
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greeneyedgemini616 - May 19

So today the 19th is my start of the dreaded 2ww. Who else out there is going through this now???


cmelissa - May 19

Hey green,,
I'm on the 2 ww now too, find out on the 30th if i'm pregnant!! What were you on this cycle??


crystal74 - May 19

hey greeney, good luck!!! and babydust. what does 2WW mean? wait, i know. two week waiting. i don't know my cycle's anymore. maybe you can help me. my last a/f was april 21st. and by BBT i O on the tenth of this month. so i think i'm right along with you. we can doo this together.


greeneyedgemini616 - May 19

cmelissa I find out on the 1st. I am cd 17 right now. Crystal you should be testing if you are on regular 28 day cycles. My a/f was on the 4th of May. You are cd 29 if that's when you started your last af. You should be finding out soon. Baby dust to all of us!!!!!!!


crystal74 - May 19

i have waisted so much money on those tests. i'm all out again. i need to get more. so i know it's tough but i'm just going to stick it out. my last two a/f's were like 50 days apart. it was my first screwy month. so i'm not sure how long my cycle will be this time. but i've been exercising all week. hopefully it wasn't to stranuous on the little egg. but i did have pains the last couple mornings. sharp/pinching pains in my right ovary and hip area. i wish i could stick a little camera up inside me and watch what is going on. that would be so much more affective. i am so pooped today. my dad had a bad reaction yesterday morning and ended up in the hospital on life support. Diabete's. so that was enough stress on me to wear me out. but my workout buddy won't let me take a break. she's a good one. she pushes me hard just like i need.


crystal74 - May 19

Good Luck goodluckgoodluck...!!!!!!!!!! i read that you did your IUI yesterday. GOOD LUCK!!!!> and Baby dust. just relax and let your body do the rest. well since the rain came in today, i don't think we'll be going rafting this weekend. that'll give me sometime to clean my house.


greeneyedgemini616 - May 22

Crystal i am so excited for the both of us. I wish us the best of luck! How was your weekend?? Isn't your appt. this week? I can't remember the date. Because I used the trigger shot I already feel pg I just hope it took! Baby dust!!!!!


greeneyedgemini616 - May 22

I had 4 on the right and they couldn't see the left so who knows how many there were on the left I hope alot. Do you use the trigger????


greeneyedgemini616 - May 22

oops I posted onthe wrong one


crystal74 - May 22

yeah, my appt is today. i did some major cleaning this weekend. i got so much stuff for a yard sale now. i feel like i'm going to start any minute. been having cramps/sore bbs. felt like i was going to start last night but never did.


crystal74 - May 22

hey greeneye, are you having any symptoms yet?


cmelissa - May 22

Hey guys,
I had 2.5 mature eggs so I hope one works!! I'm not sure if I'm having symptoms b/c the progesterone i take make my bbs super sensitive and I have cramping from it too! It always tricks me into thinking i'm pregnant!! Baby dust to all of us!! This is the month!!


crystal74 - May 23

hey greeney, how are you? saw my dr. yesterday and she said we're going to do three months of IUI's without med's. since i do O on my own, and if that don't work, then we'll do three months with clomid. she told me BBT is no reliable. she wasn't concerned about anything else. she kept saying that i'm young and i'm fine. I asked her then why am i not pregnant yet? dumb bi**H. uhh. it's so frustrating sometimes.


crystal74 - May 24

what happened to ya? are you here today???


greeneyedgemini616 - May 24

Sorry Crystal I have been MIA I have been super busy at work and passing out when I get home. I have had all this energy but come night time and I want to crash.Well I hope the IUI's work I think i would want here to montior my follies to to make sure they are good sizes. Some docs just piss you off. I have been eating everything in sight I swear. Plus my nerves are shot. Oh Yeah!!! My best friend called to tell me she is pg after the first month of trying. B***h. I was so jealous but I am supposed to be happy for her. Anyways good luck and lots of baby dust!!!!


tonia - May 24

Crystal and Greeneyed, you 2 are too funny LOL!!!


crystal74 - May 24

thanks for the luck, i'll need it. i think i have endo, but what do i do?? i hope your prego. that would be awsome and a big relief. i hope this works. with my insurance coverage it should only cost us about $175. a month. that's like a car payment. i'll just cut down on my shopping habits. i don't know how to talk to my doctr about the endo though. i don't know why i didn't bring it up. i think i was just so nervous that i forget a lot of stuff. i hate that. she gave me an exam and i forget about the sex we had the night before. i think that'll mess up the papsmear. am i right?



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