2ww period wants to talk there experience
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Tammy276 - June 17

Yeah, I know. It sounds like it's coming and that stinks!! I hope everyone else has good luck this month though. Who knows, I still have a few days. It is still possible that I could be preggers but I'm not going to get my hopes too high.


slowpoke01 - June 18

tammy good luck when are you going to test again? i am so nervous on this 2ww i wonder when i go in to have prgesterone checked next week if they can do blood test to see if i may be pregnant? does anyone know how long it takes to show up in blood?


crystal74 - June 18

i don't know but i did my progesterone yesterday. i hope it's way off the charts or like pregnant woman should be at so my dr. call's me next week and say's crystal your pregnant. wishful thinking. i am sad after i got that bfn this morning.


Tammy276 - June 18

I will probably test again on Monday or Tuesday. If it is still neg, then I know I will prob. be getting my AF. It sucks when you see that bfn, even though sometimes you know you tested too early, and were expecting to see it anyways. I think like 3 days after implantation, a blood pregnancy test can show up positive. You can find out alot earlier with a blood test than you can with a home test. That is how I found out i was preg. the last time, the home test said neg., but I "knew" I was, so I went and got a blood test and it was positive. Unfortunately, that pregnancy ended in a m/c. So I guess we will wait and see what tomorrow brings!! I am still feeling crampy, and bloated, and BB's are sore. So, it's still a waiting game.......for all of us!!


slowpoke01 - June 18

Crystal and Tammy i am so hoping that a/f stays away for you 2 u still have time to get that BFP so dont give up maybe your babies took their time implanting and that is why it is still - maybe it will show up in a day or so


Tammy276 - June 19

I hope I get that bfp that I have been waiting for. but we'll just wait and see. Hopefully work will keep me busy enough the next few days that I won't think about it.


slowpoke01 - June 19

tammy i know what you mean i am going nuts this wait is about to kill me good luck


crystal74 - June 19

i still have 7 days to wait. so i'm half way through the 2ww..uhg!!! dh and i are going to go see xmen 3 tonight. that'll get my mind off it. talk to you guys tomorrow.


slowpoke01 - June 20

crystal i jsut got to thinking that i read on the net that implantation may not occure until 8-10 days past ovulation and hcg shows up about 2-3 days later in your urine so that may be the case with you implantation may be taking its time


Tammy276 - June 20

Almost through the tww, I am going on CD 42, 16 dop. I have having this long of a cycle. I think I am going to get AF. I don't like being negative, but I really think she is going to come. I'm just not "feeling" the whole pregnancy thing. Do you know what I mean? I just want to go to the doctor to have a test done so they can say yes or no. I don't want to mess w/ those stupid addicting pee sticks!!! The last time I got a positive, it was so faint, I wasn't sure if it was a real line, or a evap line! Who knows. I guess I will be a good little girl and wait until wed. to test. have a good night!


slowpoke01 - June 20

tammy a faint line is still a line i wouldnt worry so much if you got a faint line then thats a + the reason that it was faint is because your hcg wasnt high enough but if you took another test it would be darker so i would say that is great i have never even gotten a faint line


Tammy276 - June 21

Slowpoke, that was w/ my first pregnancy. Not this time around.....I wish it were this time around!!! I would give anything to see a line right now. But I think AF is on her way. I am not going to test until thurs. or fri. Af is due tomorrow. i have that yucky, empty period feeling right now, so I know she will visit. Oh well, I guess there is always next month.


crystal74 - June 21

tammy - i feel ya, the last couple hours i've been having a/f cramps. yuk!! i feel like crap. this isn't looking good. my bbs are still sore, but then again, they've done this before. :( i'll try to forget about it and let you all know....good luck tammy


crystal74 - June 21

take a look and tell me what you think


Tammy276 - June 21

Thanks! I think I'll need the luck to be preggers this month! Cuz if I am, it sure isn't like my first pregnancy. I mean, I felt crampy like AF was coming w/ my first one, but not like this. This is the feeling where you know you are going to wake up w/ it in the morning. Totally changing the subject, but I feel so sorry for one of my friends. She is going through a divorce, and has been hanging out w/ this other guy. She had her AF for like 3 days. Then it went away, so she thought she was done. Well, she slept at this guys house, and woke up in the a.m. to have AF show up in the middle of the night! She bled through the sheets, and onto the matress. This guy wakes up and is like "uh, does anyone know how to get blood stains out of a mattress!!" I felt soo bad for her. I mean he's really cool, and it doesn't phase him, he's not like ewww, oh my god, I can never talk to her again. She's just really embarrassed about it. I don't know why I felt like sharing that, I just did!! I'll check in in the am and let you all know if AF arrived or not.


crystal74 - June 21

woah, i did that once on my boyfriends mattress when i was 16. young, i know, i started young. he was a sweet heart. i just get some cleaner, any cleaner really and a rag or sponge soaked in hot water and spray and soak up with sponge. i would just pat it at first to soak up the blood. you can also use peroxide. that works wonders. use bleach. don't worry, if she started scrubbing right away it's easy to get out, but don't let it sit there.



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