2ww period wants to talk there experience
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aish - June 6

i am on waiting period after my 1 st IUI ....and its so boring and cant think positively when cramps shoot me ....i think my Af will start ,feeling low
anyone in the same boat


JB0405 - June 8

Hi Aish,
I have my 2nd IUI tomorrow afternoon and I have been thru the dreaded 2ww, 2 days before I was to take a pg test, af came... this is an extremely tough time, try to remain calm and think good thoughts... I know it's easier said than done but I will wait with you...my 2ww starts tomorrow after insemination...


greeneyedgemini616 - June 9

I had some cramping during the 2ww after both IUI's but I am now 5 weeks pg with triplets. So you just never know. Keep your fingers crossed. And Good Luck to you.


Tammy276 - June 13

Triplets!! Ouch! Have fun with that one! My hubbys cousing had triplets IUI. Congrats though, they are a blessing! The ttw is horrible for anyone, whether IUI, or natural. I am also in the tww. it sucks because you get the same symptoms for AF as you do when you are preggers, so you just never know until Af arrives or doesn't arrive.


aish - June 13

so ho'z ur symptoms tammy...
my cramps r on off mostly left side with leg cramps also....
i am not taking preg. test at home though i have one as i promised myself not to...tomorrow i am going for my blood test...i hope i get +resultsfingers crossed


Jaqi - June 13

Hey guys...I started this stuff my taking Clomid 50mg and the trigger shot, then BD when supposed to. They told me I only had a 10% chance, if any, for this to work. They said my tubes are the problem. Well, my 2ww is up anytime. I have migraines, and also get them right before AF. Well, I started getting one an hour ago and went to the bathroom. I saw possibly the beginning of AF :o( Just a spot so far, but I feel her coming on. I am due for her tomorrow. They say more than likely, my ony hope is IVF cuz of the tubes being damaged pretty bad from endo. So, I know what the 2ww can do to you....it sucks!!! But we will soon have our babies and it won't matter! Good luck ladies


crystal74 - June 13

hi ladies, i'm officially in the 2ww period, so i'll join ya. i did my first IUI on saturday and without meds. i bbs are already sore and my nipples. i am excited, i think this is a good sign. i hate to get my hope up though.


Jaqi - June 13

I'm out....AF is starting


Tammy276 - June 14

Hi aish........Well, I started getting cramps today. AF isn't due until next week sometime. So I don't know if I should look at it as a sign of AF arriving early, or being pregnant. Hopefully it's being pregnant, but I have a few days before I can find out!! I really hate the ttw period. I want to test soooo bad, but I know it is too early. My nipples are starting to get a little tender, so I don't know :) Baby dust to everyone!! Make sure you post and let us know! I hope you get a BFP!!!


aish - June 14

hi frnds ,well just came back from blood test ...they will tell me whether i am pg or not...
well iam having cramps & twinges and leg cramps which always happen during my periods so no hopes ...but i wish others to get + results.whenever cramps come i becomes so emotional...i dont know why GOD is not listening to our prayers


crystal74 - June 14

i got my fingers crossed for you aish and tammy and the rest of us of course... i hope these cramps were having is a good sign!!!! mine are gone for today so far. but still sore in the bbs/nipples


Tammy276 - June 14

I woke up w/ cramps again this morning, really felt like AF was going to come today, but nothing so far. It would be too early for AF to arrive, so I am hoping that cramps are a good sign this month. I had a weird twingy like pain on during the day on Saturday down in my abdominal/pelvic region, so I don't know what that was about, but then the cramps started yesterday. I guess we'll just have to wait and see!! Aish, I hope Af doesn't arrive for you. You sound like you really, really want to be preggers. I hope you get positive results from your doc!! Good luck to you, and let us know the results!!


crystal74 - June 15

i hope a/f stays far far away!!! no more cramps for me. but still sore bbs and big lumps in them but i've had this before so i'm not getting my hopes up. how is everyone else?? 11 more days for me


Tammy276 - June 16

Still feeling crampy today, and bloated!! I hate feeling bloated!! That is usually a good sign that AF is just days away........I really hope she doesn't visit this month, and for the next nine!!


Tammy276 - June 16

Still crampy, and bloated, and feel like crap!!! I am way bloated today, and was way crabby yesterday. Just ask my husband. I feel sorry for him sometimes!!


crystal74 - June 16

i've been pretty bit**y lately too. i still have ten days to wait....my bbs are still pretty sore and kind of crampin on/off lately. so i have no idea....wish there were more clues but then again it's way to early. tammy, i hope a/f stays far away but sounds like it's coming


Tammy276 - June 17

Yeah, I know. It sounds like it's coming and that stinks!! I hope everyone else has good luck this month though. Who knows, I still have a few days. It is still possible that I could be preggers but I'm not going to get my hopes too high.



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