2ww part 2
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Sara - November 26

Hey girls-glad ya found us!! Update us on how you've all been and where you are at in your cycles.Take care girls!


Amber - November 27

Hello All! I am new to the site but have ttc for the last 4 years. I have anti-cardiolipitin which is a rare blood disorder - causes me to m/c (3x's so far) Although getting pregnant has never been my issue - my RE suggested I try IUI. I am 12dpiui and go to the doctor for blood test on Tuesday. I am going crazy during this wait period. I don't have any pregnancy symptoms so I'm not feeling very optimistic. I think this site is great - It is so nice to know I'm not alone!


Heidi - November 27

Hey Amber. I start my first IUI in a week. I am worried that I am not going to ovulate this month because I don't have the same sensations that I get when the clomid works. My husband and I having been trying for our first for almost two years. Does it ever get easier? I get so devasted every month. It is very frustrating. I am also very happy I found this site. Does IUI hurt?


Amber - November 27

Heidi - It doesn't hurt a bit. In fact, I was surprised the procedure only took about 2 minutes - it is no worse than a pap smear. Good luck to you. I have two more days until I get my blood test.


sara - November 27

Welcome Amber!! I am so sorry to hear about you losses and your struggle.We are all in this together and everyone on this thread is very supportive and caring so I am glad you found us.I have just had my 2nd m/c in 2 months so I know how devestating it is.Good luck on Tuesday and I wish you the best.Keep us posted! Heidi-I am glad to hear from you.Don't get discouraged-maybe you are going to O just late.I hope the IUI goes well. .I know how frustrating and heart breaking it is. But you just have to find that 1 thing that works and hopefully it will be soon for you. I am going to get checked out and find out what is wrong with me soon too.I think it is my progesterone levels.(I hope because it is an easy fix).I know I am ovulating so that is not my problem,I am just having problems with implantation and it growing.Take care girls and keep us posted on how you are doing.baby dust to both of you.


Amber - November 27

Hi Sara - Thanks for your kind words. After my 2nd mc I decided to go to the RE and that is when i was diagnosed with the blood disorder. My regular OBGYN shrugged off my first mc to low progesterone and my 2nd mc to a fluke. I had my last mc in August and since then have had a lap surgery and it turns out i had endo and adhesions on my uterus. I would encourage you to go to a specialist - my RE has been a Godsend and if it wasn't for the extensive tests she did I would have never found out i had this blood disorder that causes this. I wish you the best of luck.


Sara - November 28

Thanks Amber for the info.I will check into seeing a RE.I also have adhesions.I have had 2 lap surgeries dur to adhesions and ovarian cysts.My uterus is adhered to my abdominal wall.They were going to try to seperate them on my last surgery but they were afraid of excessive bleeding that would cause me to have a hysterectomy so they left it alone.I have had adhesions affecting my ovaries,uterus,bladder and abdominal wall.Do you get a refferal from your Dr to see a RE or do you just make an appt with one?I can't wait to find out what is going on so I can ttc again.Thanks again for the help.Keep us posted on how you are doing!!!


Mary - November 28

Hey everyone! It's so hard being back to work after a nice 4 day weekend! I tried to keep busy and think positive thoughts. March seems so far away, I can't believe how long it takes to get an appointment with a fertility specialist :( So in the meantime, I guess we'll just bd a few times a week just in case I happen to magically o on my own! At least the holiday season will make time fly by! Amber, welcome! It sounds like you have a lot to share with us. The whole ttc really is a learning experience! :)


Sara - November 29

Mary-I know what you mean about it seeming so far away.I have to wait until end of Jan or End of Feb to ttc only if I can find out what is wrong before then.I think I am going to try to see a RE instead of my gyno.She really dosen't seem to care or to try to figure out what is causing these m/c's.So who knows when I'll be able top get an appt with one.It looks like we are waiting partners.It will be our turn soon enough!I would definetly still BD just in case.Do you use OPKs?they worked great for me last month( I got pg).Your right, time will fly with the holidays.Keep us posted on how you are holding up!


Amber - November 29

Sara - I got a referral from my OBGYN for the RE. My diagnosis is Recurrent Pregnacy Loss so my insurance paid 100% for the all the initial test and procedures. Since you've had the mc it might be beneficial for you to do the same - hopefully your insurance will cover it too! Tomorrow I find out for sure if I am pregnant - Here is to keeping my fingers crossed, although I am expecting a BFN, still no symptoms!


Sara - November 29

Amber-what does RE stand for?Since I have had 2 m/c's in the last 2 months I think my Ins.will probably cover it too.I want to get in to get the testing done ASAP so I can ttc again.Let us know what your results are tomorrow!!!! I'll keep everything crossed for ya too!Good luck and TONS of baby dust!!


Amber - November 29

RE stands for Reproductive Endocrinologist - they are the fertility specialist. I got a BFP +++ and my levels look pretty good. I am going to continue my progestrone and start taking a blood thinner shot (OUCH) once a day. Please keep your fingers crossed that this pregnancy sticks. I am going to be a mess the next couple of weeks - I've never got past 12 weeks of pregnancy. The good news is the IUI worked the first time! Good luck to everyone else - I hope we see some more BFP


Heidi - November 30

Hey gals. Amber-congrats and good luck! I go in on Monday for my first IUI so this is encouraging news for me to here. I am just counting on the clomid to work this month. I have been trying to keep myself busy, but it seems inevitable that I think about it at all times. Mary, why is it that you have to wait so long? Have you ever been seen by an Infertility Specialist? Hopefully, it will all happen on its own! Wouldn't that be wonderful! Sara, what testing are you hoping to have done? Good luck all!


Sara - November 30

YEEEAAHHH Amber!!! I'm jumping up and down right now for you! Congrats!! I am SO happy for you.You must be So excited.I'm glad the IUI worked on the first try.It sounds like you are doing everything right so hopefully you won't have any problems.I'll say a prayer for ya! Heidi-hopefully you will be as lucky as Amber and get your BFP on the first try too!!I'll keep my fingers crossed.I am going to have my Progesterone levls checked to see if that is why I keep m/cing.I can get pg with no problem it's just Implantation problems or beyond that. So I am hoping that is what it is. I found my old Family Practice Dr that is good so I am gonna try her.If not maybe she can refer me to a RE.I have an appt this Thurs so we'll see how it goes.Good luck on the IUI.Amber- don't ditch us now that you can move to 1st trimester!!LOL We want to hear all about how you and the baby are doing!Take care girls!!


Mary - November 30

Congrats Amber! How exciting!!! :) Heidi, I don't know why the wait to see the "RE" (now that I know what that means too) is so long. Before I go, I have to have an HSG so it's actually a good thing I have time to get my af induced and get this procedure done. The nurse said it's uncomfortable, but not painful. Anyone have experience with this? Should I bring my hubby with?


Heidi - December 1

Mary, I had a HSG last month. I will warn you it was painful, but I could handle it. My husband did come with me, but waited in the waiting room. I was glad to have him there for support. The procedure itself only took about two minutes and I went directly back to work. (I work for a clinic so it was right down the hall) I was only real tired the next day. It was a very interesting test because they showed me the xrays and you can see where the dye that they inject spills over if your tubes are clear. That is the main reason why I wanted my husband there---just in case we got bad news. i would encourage you to have your hubby there for support. Sara-good luck tomorrow and keep us posted!


Heidi - December 1

Mary and Sara--just out of curiosity do either of you have children, or are we all trying for our first?



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