2ww No more Part 3
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angelkitty - April 10

A new thread for the most wonderful ladies I know!!! Here's to great cycles and BFP's!!


linds99 - April 10

Sorry angel, I just made a new thread a second ago!! HAA...but I will keep this one going.


linds99 - April 10

Hey, Pam is back from her vacation. Apparently, she had a doctor's visit today and her baby is perfect, measuring exactly 9 weeks and one day. I think she is poking around the first tri-board....thus the reason for her MIA status.


Keeli - April 10

Linds!!! I was just lurking around the "problems getting pregnant" area (I've got a few folks that I like to keep up with here, that I've been chatting with for over 2 years now), and happened across this thread. So glad to see you are still around! I heard about your m/c from someone on the "signs" forum, and was wondering if you were back at it yet. So sorry about the m/c, but the way. I've been really busy lately chatting on the adoption groups. Hope you are well, and I'll have to lurk on this thread from time to time to make sure you get a sticky one! ;o)


linds99 - April 10

Hi Keeli, wow, that is nice of you to check up me like that! Thanks. I was devastated by the m/c, since i conceived for the first time (after several failed IUI clomid cycles) finally with my first IVF attempt. Nonetheless, it has been a few months since the m/c...so yes, I am gearing up to try another IVF cycle again. That is so inspiring about your adoption plans, any word yet about the Chinese adoption process? I remember a few months back there was a woman who was initiating solicitation of teens who were preggers on the signs site...I saw your posting and though that she was clearly doing what you suspected she was. Anyway, I felt your rage too...not fair at all! I saw what you saw, no bones about that. I hoped your post spooked her into stopping her ways. Anyway, are you still ttc in the meantime???


julie2007 - April 10

hi ladies - i found us (after finding the other new post) -- i am so confused. AF is back - after 2 days of nothing. WHY? it is not just spotting today - it is a full day. so linds i am not sure if i an CD 6 or CD 1 now?? TTC3 i got a UIT and YI when i got pg in dec. so hopefully it is a good sign for you!! they did let me take the diflucan and the antibiotic. the OB said that one can bring the other. she also gave me a huge bottle of the antibiotics - and said just to take 1 immediately after we BD "pamstyle" since it is like linds said on the other post. and regular cranberry juice or the tea is better than the cranberry juice cocktail (which contains a lot of sugar which grows the YI) hope you get relief soon! PMB - i don't know when you'll chekc back in - but i am glad linds was able to update us a little - happy for you! angelkitty - sounds like you are doing well - i like you thinking - BD-ing for fun. i remember those days. you will be back to TTC in no time. LM3 and LiNdS - i am glad to have you guys as cycle buddies - linds you know so much helpful stuff. do you try again after your saline test - or go straight to IVF? (sorry i don't know much about that -- yet).


angelkitty - April 10

See Linds, we have been hanging around each other for a while now and we are beginning to think like each other!!!! I am so excited for Pam...she really deserves for things to go good after all she has been through. I am so happy for her.


linds99 - April 10

angel, I know right! Great minds think alike dolly! I know, I just can't believe Pam is already 9 weeks already...crazy how time is flying by. Julie, I think your on CD6 today, despite the "pause" your cervix may have been closed a bit and the hormones coming down the last few days may have opened the cervix up again today and released some more lining. Just keep note of what happened. are you also temping this cycle? I think I am going to do this. AFter I have the saline test, I have the progesterone test on CD 21 or so to confirm ovulation occured and that I am in the luteal phase...and that will be the day I start lupron shots to shut down the pituitary system and quiet down the ovaries until my next period, when I start stimming again.


pmblake - April 10

Hi everybody! I'm still lurking around here ;) I still don't feel totally sold about being on the first trimester board. I'm just in limbo right now waiting waiting waiting... Dana! I had a YI earlier in this pregnancy also. I hope it IS a good sign for you like Julie said.


pmblake - April 10

Angelkitty you are so sweet to think of me. I like to think that I do deserve this! And you do also. Hell, what we all go through -- we all deserve this ;)


angelkitty - April 10

Pam - you darn right you deserve this!!! You have been through your share of stuff. I guess we all have! But it just makes us appreciate having babies even more. Had we not been through all of this we would be like that friend of Julie's...the one that said she did not know how it happened....UGH!!!! One thing for sure for us....we know how it happened. Most of us know when it happened and what position it happened in!!!! LOL!!! Lovemy3 where are you??!!!!!!


TTC#[email protected] - April 11

Hey ladies.. Congrats pam on a healthy baby. how did your u/s go? What was said, what did you see? You always have a home here pam so dont stray to far from us.
Linds - sounds exciting to have a plan & getting on with it! YEAH.. im feeling good about you!
Julie - I hope this uti & yi result in something other than PAIN!!!!!! I went to dr last night to pee in a cup & make sure what kind I have before they give me meds for the UTI. They were going to give me bactrim right away before I told them i was ttc. Im not sure what up with your af but im sure linds is right.

angelkitty - were you and linds separated at birth???
Well if i have conceived this month my Edd will be 12-29-07. New Years baby!


Keeli - April 11

So sorry again about your m/c. One thing it does mean is that you CAN get pg! So that is a big plus (one I never had). I never did IVF, though. I thought the IUIs were bad enough, so I quit after that. I could not believe that woman soliciting on here! That just struck a nerve in me, I guess since I'm adopting. The moderators eraces her solicitation on the teen forum where she said she could not afford to adopt through regular channels. When the teens asked how she was going to be able to aford a baby if she can't even aford to adopt, she replied that she could afford the extra $200 a month for a baby, just not the thousands it would cost to adopt in the courts. Even the teenagers had to laugh at her for thinking a baby only costs an extra couple hundred a month. She said she is only 21years old, and that God called her to adopt, so I guess we can just calk it up to her being young and dumb. Anyway! Hope your next IVF goes well. Will this be your second IVF? Hope it goes as well as your first!! ;o)


linds99 - April 11

Keeli, thanks so much.You are really nice to offer me those supportive words. I hope the next IVF cycle works too, but I really have adopted somewhat of "expect nothing, go through the motions" attitude this time around. Hey, I wanted to tell you how Russia now just put a halt to adoptions with America...due to "too many kids being abused by American adopters..." That just killed me to hear that this morning. I bet it is more politics than the fact that maybe a few idiots fell through the cracks and wrecked it for everyone. Anyway, have you heard about adoption with Kazakahastan? My g/f told me that there are sooo many diverse cultures available for adoption in that region, and all they really require you to do, if you are serious about it, is to visit the orphanages for a week or so, and spend time there. I have to do more research, but I am thinking if this all doesn't work out, I am heading out the that region of the world and checking it out. That woman that was soliciting was only 21? GEEZE, that is why she was sooo stupid and nieve...it was very irritating to see all these other women, who really didn't understand or were too blind to see her intentions, sticking up for her and saying she wasn't soliciting. From what I read about her, and all the facts you brought up I was sickend with the way she was preying on young girls, and then pleading innocent..Uggg. Hey, one more thing, have you thought about IVF cycling at least once in the meantime? I hate to put a number/limit on how many times I'm willing to put myself through this, but I feel like it is my only choice if I want to get pregnant, without regrets I didn't try hard enough. How do you feel about it all? Do you think you are done with tryin on your own completely?


linds99 - April 11

TTC3, did you find out what bacterium caused the UTI? Did you know that many, like nearly most, women get a small overgrowth of yeast during the luteal phase of the cycle due to the sharp spike in hormone changes. It is completely normal, as some women get it every month, and the YI usually subsides on its own when estrogen starts climbing again to balance everything out. Hey, if you conceived this time, your baby will be due around my birthday (december 23-ish...) can I be the cyber-godmother for your child :)


linds99 - April 11

Julie, are you still bleeding today?? Is it picking up more? Are you temping too? The fact that your uterus began shedding last week, and stopped a few days in between is odd, but as far as I am concerned, with all the oddities I've been through, I am still certain that you are on CD 7 today and should think you are and baby dance according to this, starting the 10th day, every other day. What do you think?


pmblake - April 11

Hey Dana How's it going? I always took Macrobid pregnant or ttc for any infections. It's perfectly safe. Make sure you double check w/ your pharamict on whatever they give you and make sure that it's safe for trimester (fingers crossed!!) and for ttc. How is everyone else?



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