2ww from IUI ... anyone wanna wait ??
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Chas - March 6

Hi all, just had first IUI Saturday 3/3 and now are going into the dreaded 2ww... anyone who wants to wait and obsess with me ?? please join .


jg - March 6

Yes me! :-) I had IUI on Friday 2nd so I'm just in front of you....... I have a feeling I might have ovulated early on Wednesday the 28th but bd'd just in case, so either way I'm on the 2ww. I did a preg test the day after my trigger injection to see if the hcg made it come up positive, which it did, but i did another one yesterday to see if it was still in my system but it didn't show, so if I get two lines when I do test, I will know for sure that it is positive. UGH the wait though! We're flying to a wedding on the weekend for three days so hopefully that will take my mind off things.


Chas - March 6

cool, Jg we can wait together! Do you have any feelings yet ? intution maybe? I feel like I am, but it could just be wishful thinking. Mine was all natural this time around. No drugs or injections yet.


jg - March 7

Well, TMI, but I have a LOT of CM this month, which I never normally have. Not like this! But it could be a side effect from the clomid or trigger injection I supp[se. No other feelings whatsoever though. When do you plan to test?


Chas - March 7

I will probably test 3/16. If I don't get anxious and test early. Which I probably will !! lol I wish I had a trip to get my mind off things ! I do have to work all weekend, maybe that will help, but there can be slow times that i will probably obsess and be on here!


addie1717 - March 8

Hey ladies, I will be waiting with you soon! HAd trigger today and IUI on Friday morning. If we think super positive and imagine our Christmas babies...we will get our BFP!!! How are ya'll feeling so far?


jg - March 8

Good luck with not stressing Chas - is it actually not to stress while on the 2WW?? LOL. Hey there Addie. Yay you'll be joining us tomorrow! :-) I feel fine. Pee'ing ALL the time but I have been drinking a lot of water so I don't think I can blame it on anything else. I want to test already! Would be useless though I know. Can't wait till this time next week - hopefully thetime will fly!


Chas - March 8

Hi Addie, I feel okay right now. Maybe a little different. Hard to explain, It could just be wishful thinking. I hope not !! Yes, I am hoping for a Xmas baby. I was pg this time last year, for a baby due 11/8 but I miscarried. I am praying for a little miracle soon !!


Chas - March 8

Hi Jg, I have been peeing a lot too. But, it's so hard to analyze anything this early. I know what you mean about wanting to test !! I can't wait........ Come on next week !! keeping my fingers crossed *************


kl99 - March 9

I am also in the 2ww wait with you guys I had my IUI the same day as jg on Friday the 2nd. Not feeling anything yet, but I will keep you posted. Good Luck :)


Chas - March 9

Today I have felt some strange twinges and poke like sensations in my lower abdomen. Don't know if this means anything... I wish maybe I would have some implantation spotting or something. I dunno... I just hope this is it! and I can't stand this waiting. 6 dpo... and counting.... Anyone having any symptoms ??? ** sticky baby dust to us all **


Jas112 - March 10

Hello everone i am soooo happy i found this place....

My husband and i have not been trying for long but we have a history of complications in our families so after 6 months of trying naturally my Gyn said to taket he most basic tests just incase so that we don't try and try for nothing... well my OH has a prob he has an extremly high Sperm count 50-200 million but only little motility like 20% so the only way for us was IUI .. i had no information about this and this was monday last week and now Yesterday i was inseminatied so i am not on what is called the 2ww i guess ;)

Could anyone tell me if it is noramll to be feeling a little sickly the next day ? that is how i am feeling today and is there anythign i should expect o r not expect?


kl99 - March 10

Jas112- I had my 1st IUI on March 2nd- the only thing I felt afterwards was ovulation pain from the clomid, that night. I am on 100 mg. I felt pain on both my right and left sides that lasted a couple hours, I will feel it most when I tried to stand up from a sitting position, it was like it hurt to straighten up. The next day I felt fine. Best wishes :)


Chas - March 11

Hi jas112 and Jg, welcome kl99!
Anyone having any symptoms yet?? I am 8 dpo today. Nothing really, some watery cm yesterday which was kind of weird. Usuallly never have that in the 2ww. kl99 and jg, you are both a day ahead of me, anything yet ??? When will you test ??? ********sticky baby dust *********


kl99 - March 11

9 dpo and nothing yet. I have been bitchy the last week to my dh, but I am thinking it is work related. I am under alot of stress at work, which I don't like going through while trying to get pregnant. I have been so tired lately but I think that is stress too. I am a loan processor and we just expanded the company which means my work load this last month has almost doubled. The new receptionist is helping me out a little bit, but really she isn't cutting it. I am trying to put pressure on my employer to hire me at least a part time assistant. I just hope all this stress doesn't affect my chances this month. It is so hard to stay positive when there have been months where I truley though I was pregnant and then af. I hate the disappointment, but I am sure you all feel that same way. The day af comes will bring tears, but there is always next month. My dr. said if I don't start af by the 19th, to come in for a pregnancy test. I probably won't test early unless I start to feel symptoms. My husbands count this month, was almost double his first sa, so maybe this will be our month. :) Dr. says there is nothing you can really do as far as vitamins to help his count, but I am not so sure, for the last couple of months he takes vitamin C and zinc every night along with a multi vitamin. Either way it can't hurt. I also made my husband quit using his seat heater, which he hates because now he finally has a new truck which has one.


addie1717 - March 11

Hey girls...sounds like a promising month for a lot of ya'll so far!!! I had IUI on Friday...so now I'm in the 2ww with ya'll...when are ya'll testing??? It seems the 2ww goes by so slow... I start progesterone tonight. IUI went a lot better than the 1st...I had very little cramping...DH had 368 million after the wash...double from last month. DH takes L-Carnitine, and I think it really helps!!! His first SA in September was below avg..and now he is off the chart excellent! It's amazing that everything can be just right, you know the timeing is right with IUI, and still not get preggo!! I hope we have a record month for this thread! Good luck everyone...sticky baby dust to you!!! Christmas babies for all of us!!! Have a great week!!!


kl99 - March 12

Implantation???? Earlier today I had a pinching sensation in my pelvic area that was on and off for a couple of hours. Now it is gone. Could it have been? I will keep you posted if I feel anything else.



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