2ww driving you crazy--PART 6
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lovemy3 - November 3

baby dust to all XOXO


lovemy3 - November 4

So, how are well today? Nothing to report here. CD12, using cheap internet dip strips and so far only one line, feeling a little twingy today but no cm yet. Looking like it will be my standard o around cd18-20. Pls keep me in your prayers...thanks XOXO


tk07 - November 4

good luck!!! i am pretty sure i ovulated yesterday since my temp was up today, so i am just getting in my 2ww! this is the first month in a while i feel like i have a chance!
how long have you been trying for?
lots of baby dust to you!!!


lovemy3 - November 4

Good luck, I have been trying for 6 months now naturally. I have 3 other kids as well. With them I concieved right away and I have no idea what is taking so long this time around. lets hope and pray this is our month! Are you trying for your first and how long have you been ttc for?


tk07 - November 5

6 months isn't too long, how old are you?
i am only 23 so i do have time but it is still hard waiting and waiting! i am trying for my first and i have been off bc pills almost a year, i got pregnant in march and m/c in april and have had no luck since. i just started clomid this month so hopefully this will be my lucky month!
and yours too!!!!


lovemy3 - November 5

Really sorry to hear about your m/c. hugs. I am 37 and will be 38 next summer, so time is really ticking for me to squeeze this last baby in. 6 months feels long cuz i was so blessed with my first 3 happening right away. I think age is the problem now, my last is 3 yrs old.


lovemy3 - November 5

Linds and Angelkitty, How re you guys...so quiet??


tk07 - November 5

so are you planning on going to the dr now? but i know what you mean about seeming really long, since i got pregnant fairly quick i figured i would be able to again, but that didn't happen. i am just trying to stay positve this month! and even if not this month hopefully next month. where do you live at?


lovemy3 - November 5

I have an appointment booked for Jan 23. I gave myself 2 more cycles and am praying it happens. I am in Canada.


lovemy3 - November 6

Angelkitty, Linds whats up? how are you guys??


angelkitty - November 6

Lovemy3 doing great! Was out of town this weekend. Any sign of ovulation yet? Linds, how are you? Anyone heard from JB? Welcome TK07!


linds99 - November 6

Hi guys, I'm ok. I'm on CD 10, should be ovulating by Friday I hope. This is my non-medicated cycle before I start lupron on the 17th. Who knows, maybe I'll get a miracle before then... How you doing angelkitty? So what CD is everyone on, lovemy3 your CD 15, looks like you will be ovulating on Friday with me huh?


lovemy3 - November 6

Looks like we will be on same day this month Linds..yay for both of us! We can do it! maybe an unmedicated cycle for you will be just what you need...and there you will have your miracle. XOXO


lovemy3 - November 6

Actually today is cd14, oops


lovemy3 - November 7

Angelkitty, did you have a good time this weekend with your nephew? How did you do with having your sister pregnant and all, were you feeling ok? I hope so, its hard. What else is going on? how bout you Linds, you are quiet too, everyone in good spirits? Hugs...


angelkitty - November 7

Lovemy3 things were good this weekend. I always have a good time with my nephew - he is my best little buddy! I was okay with being around my sis - I am happy for her. It is going to happen for us girl - patience!!! Do you think it is possible to ovulate really early? I think I am ovulating - I need to test. That would be strange - I usually o on cd15 but this would be cd11. What do you think?


linds99 - November 7

Hi guys, angelkitty, my doctor always says start using the OPKs at CD 10 and start baby dancing that time. I bet your estrogen is rising, giving you early fertility signs. I remember there is a woman in our office, she's not here anymore, but she ovulated on CD 10 every month cuz she had a 24 day cycle.



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