2ww driving you crazy? Part 12- Christmas Miracles.
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lovemy3 - December 15

Blessing to all, and wishing everyone a BFP!! Baby Dust and may we all experience the hope of the Christmas season. XOXO


lovemy3 - December 15

Good morning all. Linds...how are you doing? Not much here, at the beginning of my 2ww. We didn't get much bding in, so we'll see. The day of my surge was a bust. We bd, around midnight the night before the a.m surge showed and then I had the surge all day and no bding, then bd in the next morning but surge line had diappeared. So, I'm not overly hopeful, but stranger things have happened so i am hanging on to that. When is everyone elses date to test? I am dec25th how about you all?


lyric - December 15

Thanks lovemy3 for starting a new thread. I am due to test at the end of this week.


lovemy3 - December 15

So anyday now Lyric? Everything crossed for you!! Good luck!!


Tink - December 15

hey guys- Lyric, i did have severe cramping after my last (3rd) IUI cycle- it was my first with injectables. i had bad cramping throughout the 2WW. i thought maybe i was pregnant, but i wasn't. i had never had pain like that in the 2ww. right after that cycle, when AF came is when they discovered my cyst, so i think the pain was the cyst. hopefully that isn't your case and it is just something else or something good! ________________________________well GREAT NEWS- my cyst is gone. did the u/s today and i am clear to go onto my 4th IUI. i got another free sample of follistim (worth $400), so that saved me some money. ins doesn't cover it. i start 150iu tonight and tomorrow night, then 100 iu for the next 2 nights after that. another u/s tuesday to check follie growth and another on thursday. we hope i can trigger on thursday or friday (CD10) and do the IUI on Christmas eve (CD12). i know it is early to O, but the follistim makes me go earlier and i go earlier on my own anyways. so CD 12 is normal for o'ing for me on medicated cycles. hopefully that is the case, cuz they are closed on christmas day. we would have to BD at home that day instead of IUI if the timing is off. hopefully not. so here's hoping for a good cycle. i am goign to try and take it easy, not stress and just enjoy the holidays. knowing i have IVF as an option now, thanks to grandpa offering to pay, i can now relax some. so just slap me around if i start stressing out and remind me that i said this......i won't stress out, i will take it easy this cycle! no overanalyzing symtoms! lol we'll see how long i can keep that up. how is everyone else? after sitting out a month, i am just excited to be back on meds and giving it another shot. 8 months strong now on fertility drugs. lol


lyric - December 15

Yes, hopefully anyday now. TINK- so glad to hear that your cyst is gone too.. We'll remind you not to stress but we all know how that goes. Easier said than done. we are all here for ya. I am so thankful that I found this tread and have you wonderful ladies to talk with. So a HUGE thank you to everyone...


lovemy3 - December 16

Good morning all, Glad to hear your girls cysts are gone, thats great news. Nothing going on, cd22 and in the "wait". So we'll see, still annoyed a little with dh, next to none bding this month, always tired etc, so I told him this a.m, I'm not willing to track these months etc and then have him not be intereested. I told him he obviously didn't want a 4th baby, went on a little vent, which I really did n't mean. I also started crying this a.m over my youngest going to kindergarten next september, usually I;'m not emotional...cou;ld that be pregancy hormones at 5 dpo or am I just menopausal hormones-LOL. neverthe ess, emotional for some reason who knows, Hugs for now


lyric - December 16

Hi everyone!!! well had a horrible night. migraine and nausa. feeling a little better today. My temp dropped so I am waiting for AF to start.. maybe next month will be lucky for me.. how is everyone doing? lovemy3- sorry to hear about you and dh. i'll be thinking about you.


angelkitty - December 18

Good morning ladies! Lovemy3 I am sorry you had such a rough time. These emotions we have during this time are crazy aren't they?!!!!! Plus I think you have a lot of pressure on you right now as well - I am sure you are packing for everyone for your vacation that is coming up in a few days!!!! When are you guys leaving? I know what you mean about your DH being tired....DH and I did not get a lot of bding in this cycle b/c of a big quality audit he was doing at his company. He worked a lot of crazy hours and I was getting things ready for our visit w/ my family for this past weekend so we were both so tired that we did not bd a lot. It is just tough all the way around isn't lady? Going through ttc is hard and it is emotional. Lyric, how are you feeling? Better I hope. Linds - how ya doing lady? I cannot wait to hear about everything from last week with you. JB, how are you? Tink I am excited for you too. This will be a good cycle for you!!!


Tink - December 18

lovemythree, we all get emotional. i laugh about it now, but i was on the phone with the gym i have a membership at through work. we have an on campus gym, but i just moved to a new office, off campus (not campus as in school, it's a large semiconductor/defense company campus)---anyways, they double charged me. i was calling to get it removed and cancel my membership- i had left messages for weeks about cancelling, so that i wouldn't be automatically charged (from checking acct) for another month. they still did it anyways. i was almost in tears on the phone, and it wasn't over the stupid $80, but just my emotions from all this stuff came up. i almost said to him----you have no idea what i am going through, i need that $80 for fertility treatments....lol.....it was so silly to almost cry on the phone at this guy. so you aren't alone. we all do it and my emotions are super strong now since starting injections this weekend. i am usually quiet and keep it all in. i am considered the 'strong' one in the family. i don't cry easily. but that isn't the case on meds. lol. LYRIC- hope AF comes for you quickly then, (or not at all!!!!) so you can get started on the next cycle!
ANGELKITTY- hope you are doing well and get some BD'ing in! I am CD6 now- and have taken 3 follistim injections already (150, 150 and 100). another one of 100 tonight. then an u/s in the am to check follie development. i am cramping badly and so bloated already, so that should mean i have lots of good growth. i had 3 mature last time. i am hoping for at least that or more. but not too many, i don't want more than twins! lol. well time to take some tylenol for this cramping/pain! good luck ladies. anyone going out of town for the holidays?


angelkitty - December 18

DH and I are going to see his family in the midwest....we alternate holidays with our family and this is our year to be with his family. How bout you?


lovemy3 - December 18

Hey everyone. Hope you are all well. Today is crazy, trying to pack everyone. We have all had stomach flu for the past few days-yuck. We leave around 4am on Thursady morn and won't be back till jan 10th, if I get a bfp Dec 25th i will find a computer somehow and post you guys, if you hear nothing, know it was negative. I'm not really thinking about it at all this month since we didn't get to bd very much. I have however been thinking about how originally this time last year we drew the line of jan 2007 as being our cut off of ttcing and moving on if it hadn't happened. Reflecting back I honestly can't believe it hasn't happened, it really shocks me when I think about it, the others being so easy. I am really feeling like I might adhere to that and call it quits after this cycle. Don't feel bad for me, I'm a little sad, but I am blessed with 3 and maybe its just not suppose to be. Actually, I know if it was suppose to be it would have happened, I just wonder about the timing. I don't know, my youngest is 3.5 now, my eldest 11. I will be 38 in may, my dh turning 41. maybe its time to let go and move on. For a year we've lived this and its taking a toll. We have 3 beautiful healthy kids and I survived my high risk pregnancies. It is sad though because it would have been a completed dream, but the question is "where to you finally say enough?" I really can't say for sure how I feel at this point but it is looking like we may just be done soon. I hope you are well and get your BFPs soon, you guys will be amazing moms!! Hugs, XOXO


Tink - December 18

angelkitty- we will spend christmas eve (probably have an IUI that am!) with my folks in mesquite, TX. we always eat mexican food and open gifts and play games. i have 2 sisters, so we have a big family that all gets together. we are going to the Dallas cowboy/philly game on Christmas day at TX Stadium- my DH's boss has season tickets, so we go often. should be fun (i love football and the cowboys- and we are in teh playoffs!). we will do holidays with his family new year's in Oklahoma. it is hard to get everyone up there on actual christmas day.


Tink - December 18

lovemythree- that is totally you and your DH's own personal decision. don't let anyone else tell you it wasn't meant to be or that you shouldn't try......even if you have 3 or due to your age- none of that matters. what matters is what your heart tells you, so follow that and ignore everyone else. I hope whatever you decision is, that it works out for you. i know the toll all this can take....i've lived it for over a year and we all know it isn't easy. i don't have any children, so i won't give up yet. i'll adopt if i have to. i also know it is harder for you- trying to manage your family and be there for them, all while managing TTC too. it can't be easy. so just know i'll support you whatever you do!! ;)


lyric - December 18

hi ladies. so busy today... real quick AF came this morning. but in some weird way i am happy b/c i didn't have to take the progest. to ger her. so CD1 for me!


JB0405 - December 18

GOOD AFTERNOON EVERYONE!!! I see everybody's got something going on... Lovemy3, you better enjoy the heck out of Disney for me! You will have so much fun! The kids will LOVE IT! Angel- DH & I will be not far from Love my3 for Christmas... we will be in Florida(outdside of Tampa) for 3.5-4 days... short trip but worth it to see my family... my father was admitted to the hospital Friday for walking pneumonia and released today with strict instructions on resting & eating better... so I am looking forward to seeing him! I am on CD9 and going for the hysteroscopy on Wednesday and I will find out more after that. TINK- my DH LOVES the Cowboys, he went to the the Giants vs Cowboys game a few weeks back and LOVED it! I was never a football fan but he has turned me into a Cowboys fan... love them! The game on Saturday was pretty good! Season tickets, huh?? Tell your boss that some NY'ers want to come, LOL!!! Have a great time!


lovemy3 - December 18

Tink...that sounds like a great time. My bestfreind lives in Coppell, texas. very far from me. I was down visiting in April and enjoyed Texas...phewy hot though!! Thanks for your encouragement...you are all so sweet and kind!! Don't give up...you will get pregnant and your determination and prayer will get you there for sure, I have all the faith in the world it will happen for each of you. JB, sorry to hear about your dad, I hope he is well soon. We are over your way New Years Day. My folks have a place in Longboat Key and we are going to see them. they go south from November to March. Good look with your scope on Wednesday, that will give you more answers for sure. Gosh, when I'm feeling down like this a.m and feel like throwing in the towel of ttcing, reading from you all makes me think "don't give up...follow that dream!!" Thank you all for that!! Angelkitty....how are you? I will be giving you the big wave and hug as I pass by North Carolina Friday !! LOL. hugs xoxo



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