2ww driving you crazy- PART 8
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lovemy3 - November 15

Ok ladies, this will be our month!!!!!


Amysince70 - November 15

I agree!


JB0405 - November 15

WOW, you ladies have really been on here today! Linds - your sister & aunt need to RELAX! I want to tell my parents but I don't want to at the same time, I know my father will be supportive but not until after he says "I thought you were going to finish school." I know he means well BUT how many times do I have to hear that?! he also said that to me before I got married! My mother will fuss a bit at first but she'll relax and ask a TON of questions. My brother's girlfriend is in the know and she is VERY supportive. What I don't want is for my parents to find out during a casual convo with the in laws! You know what I mean? Anyway, I will probably tell them everything once I am half way thru pregnancy, LOL!! You would think I was 17 and not 30! Lovemy- screw the doctor's weight chart! That chart was not talking in terms of REAL people, I am way over what the "chart" says BUT I am very healthy besides the TTC stuff. Don't think that you aren't much help, you truly are! Disney for 3 WEEKS???? Are you serious? Where will you be staying?


linds99 - November 15

JB, really, I think you already made up your mind what you will do. But we do know early on who are supporters and allies are and who are the ones that will bring us down to china town. My sister and my husband's aunt are clueless about everything, even reality, so I am not surprised or saddened by the fact that I can't share honestly with them. I accept it. But, at the same time, I don't need to hear my sister offering me her eggs right now, that is just weird to me, especially since she is trouble having kids herself and refuses to get tested for infertility. It is like she is in denial. She has all the classic symptoms of endometriosis, always has, and refuses to get her tubes checked, and or get tested for PCOS since it is hereditary. That is what really upsets me, she doesn't have all these years ahead of her, she is 35, and totally in denial about reality. But really, I can't save everyone. Oh, and she has been trying to have a baby for 3 years. Geez, I jumped to the RE after 6 months of temping and trying...3-years would be like "hello, is anyone home?" Take a reality pill stuff ya know?


lovemy3 - November 15

Hey there, I am with ya with the weihgt chart JB!! We have a timeshare in Orlando and don't go every year so we save up our weeks and go all at once. My parents also have a winter place in Longboat key and they go nov till April. So, we are excited about that for sure. Going down we stay in west virginia our first night and savannah, ga the second night. Where abouts are you from?


lovemy3 - November 15

Linds...Thats too bad about your sister being a pain, gosh, you are so knowledgeable, she could really be helped by actually listening to your advice. Thats crazy ttc for 3 yrs and not going in to the drs. Lets just hope this is our month ladies, it is discouraging month after month, but it will happen, I just know it!


JB0405 - November 15

Linds & lovemy, I am in total agreement and I am an advocate for, going to the dr... if I have an unexplained bump, then you best believe I am off to the dr. LOL!!
Lovemy, I am in NYC! Where are you? Linds, I have made up my mind to tell my parents, I just haven't decided when... i like the wait and find out option! PM, the dr said she didn't want to waste this cycle, whatever that means, so we just have to make sure we bd on Sunday! To that, I say NOT A PROBLEM!!! LOL!


lovemy3 - November 15

Hey JB, I am in southern Ontario. I hope the news with your parents goes over well, don't let it bother you too much, like you said, you are 30! So get down to business Sunday! I'm thinking we are going to keep bding eavery other day till af arrives. Every other cycle we have stopped 1 or 2 days after the surge, so maybe like pam it will be different.


pmblake - November 16

JB, I just plugged my bbt's into fertility friend and it came back w/ a possible CD24 Ovulation for me. That was only according to my rise and fall and rise in temps. I remember that day vividly. I was on the phone to my dr the day before swearing that I was going to start my period anyday and wanting more meds. I was in alot of pain and had absolutely no idea that I was ovulating. Maybe b/c it was later but it was very intense pain. Hang in there!


lovemy3 - November 16

Good morning everyone. Nothing to report here. Wanted to bd this a.m but dh left to early so we'll wait till tonight, 48 hour mark. This is new this cycle, the last 7 months we have bd every day from cd15 to 2 days after surge, so maybe that was the problem. How are you guys today?


angelkitty - November 16

Lovemy3 - three weeks on vacation! Wow!! Now that would be awesome!!! I am in Asheville NC (the western part of the state). I was raised on the coast of NC so being in the mountains is a little different for me. I laughed at your comment about your dh leaving too early for you to bd...I am a nightowl and my dh is an early bird so working out bding times for us is always interesting. Linds, I am like you - I was off to the doc when I had been trying for a while and it was not working. Hopefully your sister will decide to go to the doc soon. I agree with Lovemy3 she should really seek you out for advice. Jb, how are you today?


Tink - November 16

JB- hang in there, just count on your supporters for now to be there for you.

well bad news gals....i tested just a while ago this am and another BFN. i am HEARTBROKEN. i just don't know what to do from here. i can't afford IVF right now. i am 33. time is running out (so i think anyways). i've tried for a year on our own, and have done 7 months of fertility drugs and treatments, including 4 mos of clomid and 3 IUIs, the last one with follistim shots. i just spend an hour crying alone in my hotel room, i have to be clean myself up for a seminar. i am in AZ for business. i live in dallas, tx. i am so tired of not getting a BFP. i've never had one. when will it ever be my turn. i am made to have a child. i love kids, love being a homemaker (even though i work) and i know i am meant to be a mom. i just don't know when or if it will ever happen. i am just so sad right now. each month gets harder and harder, especially since i thought i had symptoms this month. still no AF. today is CD25 and 13DPO. i o'd early due to the injectables. i got AF on CD25 last month right after my lap. but i am irregular and usually get her late- later than CD28. i am still having unlike AF cramping, even now. it can't possibly be too early, i mean it is 13DPO, i would think i would get a BFP if i was in fact pregnant. i am really losing hope and just don't know what to do. i don't wnat to give up, but i don't know how much more of this i can handle with the breakdown of tears every month. we can't afford IVF without help. it's going to cost us close to $1000 for shots alone this month. i am just at my wit's end. so please keep me in your prayers. i don't want to take a 'break' either, i just feel time isn't on my side, since i want two kiddos. so time is important to me. plus i had a break the month i had my lap (oct). anywyays, i hope your day goes better than mine. i am off to class to try to get my mind off this (seminar for work).


angelkitty - November 16

Tink, I am so sorry. If I were there I would give you a big ol hug! I too am 33 and I have been trying for over 15 months to get pregnant so I know how you are feeling. You will be a mommy - I promise! I can't tell you when or how long it is going to take but I can tell you that you will be a mom! I will remember you in my prayers!!


lovemy3 - November 16

Tink.....Big giant Hug....I;'m so sorry you didn't get your BFP this month. CD25 sounds early to me. I usually have a 28-31 or 32 day cycle and I could never get a BFP till cd40 and I'd o on cd17. Are you sure its still not possible. I always say its not over till af arrives. I don't want to give you false hope but it does seem a little early. I read a study once that said most women don't see a positive till 13 dpo or later, and you are just 13 days now. If it does turn out to be a BFN, stay strong, it must be hard, I'm so sorry you are going through the heartbreak. I will pray for joy and peace for you, stay strong. Angelkitty, glad to hear you are well, how are you managing? Where are you in your cycle now? Hugs to all


linds99 - November 16

Tink, I am really sad for you. I've experienced this numerous times, it is hell, pure hell. I really think though after this long on fertility meds, you should talk with your husband about moving on to IVF. I know you just mentioned the money is an issue, but there are shared risk programs, and if you really need to, you can and will find the money either through loans, credit cards, second mortgage, savings. If it hasn't happened yet with that many months of insems and drugs, you need to be a bit more invasive about it. This is my opinion though. Forgive me if you disagree. I just think if you are gonna put your body through another round of drugs at this point, do the IVF protocol and go one step further for egg retreival. That way you will know what is going on and have the luxury of having the eggs frozen so you won't have go through this hell over and over in the future. I hope you can get through this hellish day, it is so hard. It is like you want to just cry yourself to sleep so the pain goes away. I'm just so sorry.


tmlc - November 16

Hi ladies I am ne to this forum and I wanted to find out if anyone has had an HSG done before. I had one done a year ago and both of my tubes were bocked. They got one tube open and now I wanted to know if u think tthe chances are that the tube might close again. Thanks


Cooper5450 - November 16

Hello Ladies... I am in the same boat. I just had my first IUI on the 10th and I am not a patient person. My DH and I have been TTC for a long time. He has low sperm count. Just recently we went to see an RE and I did all the tests. I do tend to Ovulate later on in my cylce. This month I used Tamoxafin which is just like Clomid but they said was better for the lining. I had the ovridel shot and then did the IUI. I can't go to take the beta until the 24th. I don't know if I can wait that long. I really want to take a HPT but I have heard that since I had the ovridel it might give me a false reading. Anyone going through the same thing??? How do you all survive the 2WW? Help please!!!



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