2WW driving you crazy---PART 2
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lovemy3 - October 2

Hi Girls, Just thought our old thread was too long. Linds99, sorry to hear about your sad weekend. I hope you are feeling better today. maybe taking the break will be helpful. Hope your week gets better, its so hard all this craziness. Angelkitty..how are you doing? celstia...anything going on?


linds99 - October 2

Thanks lovemy3. I am feeling better, everyday is different, every moment is up and down. I'm sure all these women are feeling the same emotions too at some level. What cycle day are you on now? Angelkitty...come on...did you get a positive this weekend???


celestia1977 - October 3

Well girls, I'm back in town as of last night at 10:30. Woke up at 4:30 cause my kitty decided it was time to wake up! Linds, I'm sorry to hear that Friday and Saturday were terrible for you. If it's any consulation, they sucked for me too. How did your appt go today? I hope things get better soon. Well, I'm at work, so I better get back to it! Have a great day!


lovemy3 - October 3

Hi everyone, Glad to see everyone found the thread. I am on CD9 today. I haven't even bought OPK's yet, feeling a little discouraged at the whole idea this month, but I will keep trying. Starting Weight watchers tomorrow night. Do you think weight has a role in fertility issues? Also, Linds99 how was your appt? Speaking of kitties...I wonder how Angelkitty made out with her test? have a nice night.


celestia1977 - October 4

lovemy3, I know what you mean about feeling discouraged. In a way, I'm glad I'm skipping this month. Gives me a breather to deal with everything else going on. I'm sure weight does have a role in fertility issues, but I know plenty of overweight people who have had health babies, so maybe it doesn't. I'm overweight myself. Never been pregnant, so I don't know from personal experience. I'm scared that I'm going to gain 30 lbs or more with pregnancy, but I guess that's where exercise and eating right come in (something I've struggled with forever!) I wonder how Angelkitty's test went too. Linds, how are you doing?


linds99 - October 4

Hi guys, I'm starting my third round of clomid 100 mg today, but they are adding the metformin to it. I have PCOS, but i am not insulin resistant because I am a thin cyster...but the doctor wants to see if the metformin works. So I'm doing that this week, and DH is going out of town next week until Thursday, hopefully he'll be back in town to give me his sample, if I don't ovulate before he gets back. That would be the worst! so I have added stress worried that he won't be back in time. I hate this..and I hate that he is complicating this more for me. I wish he could just go on his business trip the following week and I wouldn't give a shit. I had my liver and kidneys checked today to see how good they are working, before I go on the metmorfin, so I wait a few days for those results. How is everyone else doing? What cd are you ladies on today??? Today is cd 5 for me....


celestia1977 - October 4

linds, I hope things work out for you this cycle! If it's meant to be, it will happen. I'm sure your DH wants to be there on time too. I hope it works out :-) I think I'm on CD # 7, but that's counting from the first day of full bleed, not the day I started seeing AF. Am I counting that right then? Otherwise, I'm on CD #8.


linds99 - October 4

You are supposed to count the first full day of bleed as CD 1, like you indicated. Does anyone here have PCOS and have taken it in combination with Clomid and Metformin? I would like to know what their experience was


celestia1977 - October 5

Sorry I can't help you there, Linds. Thanks for letting me know about which CD I'm on. That makes sense. I just found out my DH got laid off. We've been expecting it for a little while though. Guess we'll see what God has in store for us next. I'm thinking I may end up skipping the next few cycles and starting over next year. We'll see. Hope you all are having a great day :-)


linds99 - October 5

Sorry to hear about your husband's job loss. That is really a monkey wrench in the situation. Will you guys have Cobra health insurance? I hope he is lucky to quickly find another job soon. That is always my big fear with my husband too, you just never know today. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you guys.


celestia1977 - October 5

Thank you. Luckily, we have health insurance thru my job. We have United Healthcare. Unfortunately, they don't cover anything for ttc. Oh well, guess we'll wait and see what happens.


angelkitty - October 5

Hi there ladies!! You will never know how much it touched me to log on and see that you guys were wondering about me. Just that you were thinking of me...I feel liek crying in a good way!!! You ladies are awesome!! You know what _ I did not get my positive. But I am okay with that. I have just decided that I need to relax and let God do the work here. This is too much pressure for DH and I deal with all on our own. Obviously my closed cervix was a big reason for not getting preg for over a year. Now that the problem is taken care of and everything else is normal I know i just have to relax and get on with liivng. Does that make sense? But I do have to tell you ladies...I read the best book over the weekend...it is called The Conception Chronicles...I laughed my butt off. DH saw it when we were at Target and he bought it for me. Great book!!! I have been praying for all of us...and for all of the ladies that are dealing with this emotional rollercoaster. Thanks for all of the support!!!!!


angelkitty - October 5

Celestia1977...don't feel bad we have United Healthcare too. :o) I am sorry to hear about your husband's job. Does he get severance? I will be thinking of you guys.


celestia1977 - October 6

Hi girls! Just checking in. Angel, my DH will get his bonus of $5000 that he was promised, but that's about it. He will be filing for unemployment too. United Healthcare's not that bad I guess. It's just a bummer that they don't cover anything for ttc. I'll have to check out that book! Thanks for your prayers :-)


linds99 - October 6

Celestia, that sounds good, it may tie you over until DH finds his new job. So don't throw in the TTC towel yet, he could find employment elsewhere in no time at all. And with your insurance, that is good, I can imagine it makes it easier knowing your still covered despite the setback. Sorry to hear about not getting the BFP Angelkitty. Can you please explain what you mean by having a closed cervix? Have you had a procedure done that caused it to be like that or was it always like that?


lovemy3 - October 7

Hi Ladies, just checking in. CD 13 and plan to start bd tomoroow. Expecting to o CD18, so will bd, 14, 16, 18, 20. Hope this is tyhe month, its our 6th. Hope this is everyones month for that matter, ttyl


celestia1977 - October 7

Angel, I'm sorry to hear about your bfp also. I'm glad we can be there for you :-) Linds, I agree, I'm glad we still have health insurance. lovemy3 - good luck this cycle - baby dust!



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