2ww driving you crazy? Part 16
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lovemy3 - January 31

baby dust and blessings to all.


lovemy3 - January 31

Hi JB, what does metfornin do? Hope youre bm's clear up soon, Hugs.


JB0405 - January 31

I am IR= Insulin Resistant... so metformin is supposed to keep it under control so that it keeps diabetes at bay!


lovemy3 - January 31

so do you take that just when ttcing or each day for diabetes. Tink, glad you are well and excited, that will be exciting to get the IVF on the road. I am not overly happy to lose weight but multiples or the risk of aren't a good idea with my pregnancy history, so what else are my options in fixing my ovulation?


JB0405 - January 31

LOVE, I take it everyday and it will likely be for the rest of my life! I do not have diabetes and we are trying to keep it that way. I forgot, do you have 2 bous & 1 girl? or the other way around?!


lovemy3 - January 31

Hi JB, I thought it may be a different fertility drug that maybe I could try. I have 2 girls and 1 boy.


lyric - February 1

JB- no I am not on anything other than the clomid. I thought I would be placed on metfornin but my bt came back okay. I tried the pre seed this month. I am willing to try just about anything. I take vitamins daily. There is no protocol for PCOS that I am aware of. I wish there was b/c I am a planner and I do well w/ schedules. I read every book in the library on infertility. Hoping to find some kind of an answer. Nothing. I thought about going on a diet but I hate them. They are so hard to stick to. I had my best luck w/ weight watchers. At my highest weight I was about 208. Then I lost it on ww 3 yrs ago and kept it off. I just cut my portions down. I have no idea how I kept it off. I am a sugar junkie and I love to cook. Lol. I am going for my cd14 u/s in a few minutes. I'll let you all know how it went. TTYS ladies


Tink - February 1

Lyric, have you tried acpuncture? i am doing it with my IVf and i have read great things on it. i started it a little late- but if they say it is good to start it anytime while TTC. actually my acupuncturist said if i had started 6mos ago, she would have given me herbs to make tea with that help. but now that i am on meds and starting stims, i can't do that. the acupuncture is at the very least, helping me relax and is supposed to improve blood flow, which in turn improves lining. my friend is doing only acupuncture now and the herbs, she is not ready to try clomid or IUIs yet. she is swearing by it helping her already though in terms of feeling good and regular now. might be worth a try. JB- does the metaformin give you any lovely side effects? i guess at this point, we are so used to side effects, what's another drug! lol anyways- did bloodwork this am. sono tomorrow. start stims sunday. another sono next thursday to see how follies are doing. yeah! AF is here, she came yesterday, so we are well on our way.


angelkitty - February 1

Hi there ladies!!! Boy y'all have been busy on here. How is it going? Things are good here. I got my results back from all of my bloodwork - everything was great. My FSH level was a 5.6 and the nurse said that was good. I am happy to hear all of that. Lovemy3, on the question you asked - it is hard to answer. I do not think i could answer unless I am in that position. The biggest part of me wants to say I would never terminate a pregnancy no matter what the reason but who knows. Your dh would never want to lose you - that is probably why he piped up the way he did. And he is thinking of the three children that would be left behind. That will never happen to you. I am glad you liked your doctor and that he was nice. Tink - I am so excited for you!!!!! As I always say it is good to be moving on. :o) Keep me posted on everything you have to do. Lyric, how did the u/s go? I have also heard a lot of good things about weight watchers. A girlfriend of mine has lost 50 lbs. Jb - how are you doing?


lyric - February 1

HI Ladies- well I have 4 follicles that will release this month. 4. I think my doctor was even stunned. I am just so excited that I responded to the meds this time around. However, I am a bit nervous b/c of the pain I had my first month on clomid. DH went silent on the phone. Hysterical. One day at a time. I am not there yet... TINK- yeah, I have read a lot of women trying this and I have been toying with the idea. How expensive is it? I will certainly try anything. I think I will see if there is anyone locally. Do you know what to look for in a good one??


lovemy3 - February 2

Hey there everybody. Sounds like everybody is waiting with anticipation of their next move which is exciting. Angelkitty, Thank you for your answer, i really apprecate it and have spoken to my pastor and he has given me great insight to what the Evangelical Churchs stance on that situation would be, the same as my dh's opinion. So, I have taken up preventative prayer so it won't happen-LOL. 5.6 is good FSH right? Gosh, I hope mine is that low. Waiting patiently for my results. All else is good, and am very relieved I have taken the first step of seeing whats going on. Day 3 of watching what I'm munching on, and have being doing well. I go back Feb 23 to check on my weight. Thats really it here. I hope everyone is well. Does anyone know how Linds is doing?


lovemy3 - February 2

Good morning everyone, Hope you are all. I won't be online this weekend...so have a great one. ttylxox


Tink - February 2

hi guys, hope you are doing well. Lyric, the acupuncture was $85 for my first session (hour), and is no $65 a session. i go once a week, but will go twice next week since it is my stim week (3 shots a night!), so she said going twice helps to relieve some of the bloating and cramping from growing the 30-40 eggs i'll be growing! lol! Congrats on the 4 mature follicles- that is great news. i really hope it is your month. i always responded really well too- i had 7 mature follicles 2 months straight on clomid. but it didn't happen for me. she said only 4 of the 7 released an egg- either the other 3 just released fluid or were overmature or not mature enough afterall. i was getting nervous with 7! lol it's really about quality more than anything else, so having 4 is a great number!! i am nervous about growing so many in me for IVF----they say they like to see at least 20-30 follicles. i think over 40 is considered getting overstimmed in ivf. heck, 20 sounds crazy to me. i was miserable having 7, i don't know how i am going to handle having 20-30 follies! lol- but the more, the better our chances of having more embryos to choose from. not all the follies will have mature eggs, and many will die off or not fertilize. so the more, the merrier! lol good luck Lyric!


angelkitty - February 2

Hi there ladies!! Happy Friday!!!!! I am excited about next week...I go in for the u/s on Tuesday and then whenever I get my surge we will do the IUI. I am really excited. OK Lovemy3 since you asked me a hard questions let me ask you one (I would like to hear from all of y'all on this) - I have read that you can somewhat determine the sex of your child when doing IVF or IUI. What do you ladies think of doing that? I am not doing it and could care less if I have all boys or girls as long as I have kids!!!! But seriously - what do you think? Some people that I have talked wiht think it is ok and some people are very against it.


lovemy3 - February 4

I have heard that before about timing sex for gender preference. With my first 2, our bding was mostly prior to ovulation and from reading I thought I'd most likey have girls. I didn't plan it that way but after getting my BFP's I read that, and it was true. 2 girls first. BUT the same timing of BDing a third time produced a boy. So unless it is the really expensive testing of separating the XX sperm from the XY sperms that you can deleiberatley pick your gender for thousands of dollars, I think that by just timing IUIs or IVF, it really doesn't make a difference and Gods Will, will be. If I were doing an IUI or IVF, I would only follow my drs advice and do the procedures when the dr told me they should be done. If the dr gave me the option I would tell him to perform them at the time that I would have the highest probablity of conception, not gender.. I wouldn't ever do the sperm separation to deliberatly be the sex. But like I said, I really don't believe in the timing determining much either. So, that what I think. How about you guys?


dani3 - February 4

Hi everyone. I'm new here but have been reading some of your posts and am having some similar struggles while ttc. Mind if I join?


angelkitty - February 4

Welcome dani3!! Please join us! HI there lovemy3 - I think you actually can separate the sperm to select the gender. I would not do it - I am not judging anyone that has or would - I do not care what the gender of my children are ...I just want children!!!!!! :o)) Can I get an Amen!!! Did I tell you my sister was having another boy? I told her she needed to try again after this one so she could somewhat even things out. She laughed and said no way!! I think she will though. I go for my u/s on Tues and then sometime this week I will have my IUI. That is about it with me - what is up w/ everyone else?



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