2ww driving you crazy? PART 13- New Year...New beginnings
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lovemy3 - January 7

This is going to be a great year filled with many blessings XOXO


lovemy3 - January 7

Hi !! I'm back!!. Had a super amazing time. The weather was great and we had so much fun. Got my af on dec 24th, but had an amzing time. Hope you are all well. Sorry to hear that Tink...hugs to you. Angelkitty...how are you doing...passed by your hometown on route!! Linds...how are things going...feeling good? How is everyone else? I believe I will be ovulating again soon, see how this month goes. I think i mentioned I tried one of those FSH urine tests tests in Florida. they sell them in the US but not Canada. Its called menocheck, anyone heard of it before...any feedback. It was negative so thats good. Bought a whack of OPKs too for cheap. ttyl


JB0405 - January 7

Hi Love, WELCOME BACK!!! I have another RE appt tomorrow! I was there on Friday as well! I have around 15 follies... 2-4 are leading at around 10,9,8, 6. RE says they will remove all!! ER will likely be Friday or Saturday, so I guessed that Tuesday would be ET BUT RE said no, it will be done on Monday! I will know for sure tomorrow. I hope they tx at least 3! I am excited, nervous, scared, etc. I hope that all goes well for me & everyone else! 2007 has got to be better than 2006!


lovemy3 - January 7

That sounds great JB, how exciting!!!! I'm prayin' for ya!!!!! Keep us posted!! I am cd14 today, bd'd, no positive opk yet, probably in a few days!


Tink - January 7

lovemythree- welcome back! we missed you! JB- wow, the ER this week, i am so excited for you and praying for you! well still no AF today....CD26, she is usually here by today. more light spotting...i NEVER have spotting, ever. the test was a bFN yesterday though, so i don't konw what to think. either AF is late or there is good news yet to come....but i don't want to get my hopes up. i wonder what is the latest people have gotten BFP? today is 15DPO, reallly 16 if you count the day of IUI. so who knows.


lovemy3 - January 7

Sounds exciting Tink. With my middle dd I was 40 days before I got my BFP and then I was usually 28 cycles. I kept testing and testing and it was on cd40 that I got a very faint BFP. Keep us posted!!


lovemy3 - January 8

Good morning everyone. Hope you are well. Angelkitty...thats funny, both of us have a tilted uterus. How did you find out you had one and what was the comment about it?


angelkitty - January 8

MY OBGYB told me my uterus was tilted. He said something along the lines of "It probably hurts a little when DH is hitting it right?" I almost fell off of the table. He was being so legit and talking about when we were bding and DH hit my uterus and I thought he meant hitting it as in having sex. My face was so red and I still do not think my doc knew why. :o) Too funny. Lovemy3 it is so good to have you back. Tink - what's the word girl? What's going on? JB this is your week right? Keep us informed. Lyric - how are you? Linds, how's the pregnancy going? No morning sickness? Wow that is great. I am like you though - as long as I am pregnant I will take all of the morning sickness in the world.


lovemy3 - January 8

Amen to that. I agree!! Hope everyone is having a good day. Linds...it is still so exciting to think you are finally pregnant!! Such hope!! Angelkitty, jan 18th is approaching soon, it'll be a great appt. When is your af due again?


Tink - January 8

well AF showed last night in full force. so another failed IUI- our 4th. i have an appt with the RE at 1:30 today to discuss next steps and IVF. i am excited, but nervous. i hope IVF can do the trick for us. i've responded perfectly to everything so far, so who knows.


angelkitty - January 8

Lovemy3 my AF is due again on Jan 22...I am excited about the appt as well. Tink I am sorry about AF - she is so unwanted and does not even get the hint!!!! I am excited about your appt. Let me know how it goes.


JB0405 - January 8

Hey everyone! Tink, so sorry about AF, I agree with Angel... that darn AF doesn't get it, what part doesn't she understand? The GO or the AWAY?? Which one?! LOL!! As for me, I have 16 follies, 8 on each side, measurements are between 10 & 13, the lower ones are 5,6,7,8... RE isn't too concerned about those for IVF! I go back on Wednesday for another u/s. ER will be either Saturday or Sunday, I am excited, nervous, scared, etc.! Angel, you are HILARIOUS!!! I would've fell off the table for real! LMAO!! I am dying, that was sooooo funny! HI LINDS!!! How's it going?


lyric - January 8

Thanks JB!! Heellloo Ladies. 2007 is going to be our year. Looking for many BFP's. I was wondering where you all went to! I didn't realize there was a new thread! All is well here 7dpo for me. Went to the docs today and had my cd21 blood test and preg. but I have no idea why. So results will come tomorrow. TINK- SO sorry to hear that the witch came. damn her....are you going to try a 5th or look into IVF. I have a question about IUI b/c that is my next step. Is it expensive? JB- GL w/ those follies. maybe you will be our first BFP in 2007.


JB0405 - January 9

Hey Lyric, glad to have you back!!! Thanks for being so encouraging, I hope I get that BFP too! Looking forward to reading about your results tomorrow!


lovemy3 - January 9

hey there, good evening ladies. Tink- thats crummy, but you know, I believe your BFP will be just around the corner with the next procedure, keep your faith. JB, sounds exciting...time is just ticking on to the next step. Lyric..good luck with your test results tomorrow...let us know. Angelkitty...make sure you get a preg. test done on your appt before you start doing anything...ya just never know...you could be pregnant while you are sitting there!! linds...how is our pregnant mommy to be doing...you are so quiet! Sleep tight everyone xoxxo


lovemy3 - January 9

Good morning all. CD17 for me, still neg OPK although its almost the same as other line but still neg. BD this a.m. No real cm. Suspecting from my vacation of eating (LOL) I may have a later ovulation around cd20 this month. Feeling the pressure of time really ticking. Only a few month too the big 3-8!! Hope everyone is well this a.m xoxx


JB0405 - January 9

Hey Love, don't get frustrated! Just keep in tune with your body and your cycle. What are you doin besides OPK's? Is there a procedure coming up soon? Sorry, I forgot!



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