2ww any alcohol at all???
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Jas112 - March 12

I have always wondered? i just did my first IUI on friday ..... my first weekend pasted and went to dinner with friends i did not have a glass of wine or anything.. i was wondering if i had to would it be bad.. sorry if i sounds dumb but i really have no idea i am new to this and to the board


pmblake - March 12

My doctor says it's fine to drink in moderation until the placenta forms. But I'm always hesitant to drink in my 2ww. I would hate to think that my glass of wine caused any problems. You made the right decision! You should treat your body as if you are pregnant. Be sure to take your prenatals and folic acid! Good luck to you. Oh and I've been enjoying an occasional O'douls. Non-alcoholic beer! It's great!


Chas - March 12

Personally Jas, I don't think one glass of wine would have hurt anything. I am also in my two week wait from IUI and I had a beer last night. I just wouldn't have more than one or two! Not enough to get drunk. Good luck to you



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