2nd time on clomid
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gretchen - September 27

I took my first pill last night. This is the second month I have taken clomid. I took it in july then we skipped Aug. and I am now taking it again. Maybe it will work this month.


Michelle - September 27

Hopefully this will be your month!! Good luck!!!


Mega - September 27

Good luck!!!!


Jamie - September 27

Hi Gretchen!! Just started my second round of clomid too. (skipped beginning of September).... we increased it to 100mg and added metformin (recent diagnosis of pcos). Just finished 5th and final pill today! Maybe this will be our month! Good luck :)


Molly - September 27

Good luck Gretchen! I think I will be following you shortly, i have already taken 1 round of Clomi 50mg and am on cd29, waiting for af to arrive. If it comes I will be back to the beginning, on clomid cycle 2. Let's all hope it works this month!



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