2nd Round of Clomid-Anyone?
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ema52 - November 17

I will be starting my next round of Clomid tomorrow. Anyone else? It would be nice to hear from someone in the same boat.


tonyaandjoe - November 17

i too will be starting my 2 round of clomiphene citrate (clomid) when AF shows up soon.


thayward7 - November 17

I will be starting my 5th round of clomid tomorrow... Hoping we all get a BFP this cycle!!! Smiles and Babydust... T


slowpoke01 - November 18

ema i will be starting my 3rd round of clomid in dec. had to take a 3 month break because my 2nd round resulted in a tubal pregnancy. doc reassures me that it was just a fluke because they see nothing wrong with my tubes that would cause a tubel so i guess y little eggy was just comfy in the tube and didnt want to leave it. anyway i am hopefull that my 3rd round will be a good one for me. good luck on your 2nd round. doc told me that alot of women get pregnant the 2nd or 3rd round because the docs get the cycles down pretty good by then so good luck.


tk07 - November 18

i am hoping you are right slowpoke01!!!
i am starting my second round probably tomorrow depending on what my cycle does today. i hope it is our month!!! i don't mind taking the pils, it is all the extra i don't like, like the u/s and blood test. but my first month went really well, i am hoping it was just not right and this month we will get it!
has anyone used preseed? i want to try it but am a little afraid of using it.


chandellina - November 20

hi ladies, i am on cd15 after my second round of clomid this month on days 2-6. i had two follicles at my scan Friday, 17mm and 19mm but because i never got a positive opk i had to do a trigger shot for the first time last night. has anyone else used these? tk07 - i have been using preseed for a few months. it's nothing to be afraid of, you don't even notice it. dh doesn't even know i'm using it. ;)


tk07 - November 20

that is good, i was more afraid of it actually killing off sperm! my dh doesn't want to use it, he is crazy and thinks that we will get a mutated sperm or something from it!! i ordered it anyways though, so i hope it helps. i am now on cd3 of my second round of clomid days 3-7.
i have never used a trigger shot, is that to give you that extra surge? i never got a + opk either but i did O, i just missed my surge! i didn't realize i should test twice a day, i guess i know for this month!


Beks37 - November 21

I just finished with my 6th round of clomid and will soon be starting my 7th because I know I'm not pg. Me and my dh are a broken mess...I only work with clomid and he has a low sperm count..so anyways, hope you don't mind if I join in. I love preseed-clomid really dries me out, so it really helps and I hope that it helps the little spermies get farther.


tk07 - November 21

i'm sorry Beks37. i keep reading that zinc is good for sperm, did you guys try that? and i also keep reading that sugar/carbs is not good because it raises insulin levels too much and it does something and makes you not as fertile i guess?? i can't remember the whole thing! but i do know that i read it on webmd.
I am glad you like preseed because i really want it to help!
good luck to everyone!


chandellina - November 21

hi beks, my dh has sperm issues too. we're waiting for results of a second analysis but the first one showed only 4% fast guys and 4% morphology. Not good!!! tk07 - yeah the trigger shot is supposed to make the eggs drop, in case they haven't. (at least that's what i think it does.) last month i didn't get a positive opk either and my dr thought better safe than sorry. my temps rose last month so i think i o'd anyways but who knows.


ema52 - November 22

Today is CD7 (last pill). I take clomid CD3-7 50mg. Last round my doctor told me that I did ovulate. I'm starting to get a little frustrated because I did ovulate and Bd on the correct days, why didn't I get pregnant? Hopefully it will be a BFP for all of us this month.


tk07 - November 22

hi ema, i was thinking the same thing!
i am the same days 3-7 I did O and bd the days up to O and the day after and nothing! it is so frustrating. i hope we get bfp's this month!


tonyaandjoe - November 24

i started my 2 round today can't wait i'm excited.


tk07 - November 24

i hope it works for us all this time! i have read that the second and third months are good ones! a lot of women get pregnant during that time, so i am hoping! especially since i just found out it is going to cost me $100 everytime i go in for an u/s.
good luck everybody!!!!!!!!


chandellina - November 24

tk 07 - you think that's bad, here in England it is 200 pounds, that is $485 at current exchange rates!!! madness. fortunately my health insurance thinks my dr is giving me scans to do with my two miscarriages rather than infertility, which they won't cover, but i don't think they'll approve anymore because they must be wondering why he's had to scan me three times! I am hopeful my round 2 of clomid will prove successful, thogh we stupidly missed probably the most crucial bd'ing day. i'm 3dpo. we got dh's second semen analysis back and it was SO much better. he had 22% normal shaped guys and half of them were fast swimmers this time. amazing difference. he stopped smoking so much cannabis - i'm sure that's what it was.


Beks37 - November 25

Hello ladies....I wanted to get pg the first couple of months, but it will happen soon. I take 50 mg clomid on cd 3-7, today is cd 4. I need to get dh some vitamins and such, but haven't had time. We've both cut out/down on our pop drinking. I know that caffiene decreases fertility-especially in guys. That is expensive for clomid!! My insurance doesn't cover it either, but it only costs me $25.00 a month. I only have to get 5 pills. Maybe if I was taking a larger dose it would be more.


tk07 - November 25

my pills are only like $13 a month, but my insurance won't cover all of the cost for infertility so i have to pay half every month. That is a lot for a scan! and i thought healthcare was expenisve here!
what month of clomid are you on beks?
i hope month number 2 is a lucky one for us all!!!!! i don't know why but i don't think it will be this month for me, i think next month is my month.



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