2nd round of clomid..9/5/05 anyone want to join me?
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Robin - October 21

Wannabe~~you and I seem to be seeing things from the same point of view. we have been ttc for 7 mo and just went to the doc. he thinks i have pcos and wants to start me on clomid this next cycle. I have been telling myself for months that God knows what is best and if we are meant to have a baby, we will. I pray and pray that I will get PG but always end by asking Him to let His will be done. I am really hoping that by keeping a prayerful attitude that eventually my time will come. Hope it comes for you very soon.. I know how disappointing it can be when you think you are PG only to have AF come. (happened to me in August the morning that I was going for a blood PG test) I'll keep you and all of you ladies in my baby prayers! ~~baby dust~~


miranda - October 21

well i am 99% sure that i o'd this month (4 days ago) so now all i got to do is wait....how fun, especially with this hurricane thats supposed to hit here where i live......how is everyone else....this time i have sore bbs and last month i didnt...so a good sign?


Wannabe - October 24

Thanks for the reply Robin. AF started the 18th and ended the 23rd. Doctor, called in my perscription for my clomid (100mg), I can't get myself together to take it. I went to church yesterday and cried...was I crying because I was disappointed or because, I'm Thankful and I know that the Lord makes no mistakes.....



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