2nd round of clomid..9/5/05 anyone want to join me?
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miranda - October 5

i started my 2nd round of clomid 100 mg days 3-7 this morning...last month i was on 50 and didnt ovulate...i have pcos...and my husband got a semen analasys done and came back low but the dr thinks it may be low from stress so we go do another one friday....also does anyone know any at home remedies for low sperm count?


june - October 5

yes i started my 2nd round on 10/3/05


miranda - October 6

are you on a higher dose than last month? any new side effects?


Molly - October 6

Hi! i started my second round of Clomid today. i am on 50mg, same as last cycle. the doc kept me on this cycle because my progesterone level came back really high - 58, so she seems to think I ovulated. I am on days 5 - 9 again. the only side effect I can see is I feel really bloated today - but who knows if that is due to Clomid? I heard that it helps for your husband to take Zinc vitamins. My husbands tests came back fine, but he is still taking a mulitivitamin that has lots of zinc in it - is supposed to make healthy sperm and more of it!


miranda - October 6

thanks molly....we will have to try that....he has another test monday instead of friday so hopefully the low was from stress......im having hot flashes like crazy this time with the clomid...i only had a few last month,lol...i guess because its a higher dose?


Molly - October 6

Yeah, I think the higher the dose of Clomid, the more symptoms. I didn't really have any symtoms last month and hoping for none this month! Did you get hot flashes while you were taking the Clomid or after you had finished all of them?


miranda - October 7

during and after...and this month i am definately more emotional...lol


miranda - October 11

how is everyone?


Molly - October 11

Hi Miranda, I'm going ok, on cd11 after 2nd round of Clomid. Had a huge pain in my left ovary last night - hope that means I ovulated early - or at least that it's all working! How are you going?


miranda - October 11

i am fine, i am on cd 9 and had some spotting today so hopefully i will o soon!!


wannabe - October 18

I will be starting round two of my clomid on 10/22/05. Today is my anniversary. I had it all planned and I was going to go to the drug store and get a pregnancy test and have it waiting for my husband, with a positive reading. Well this morning about 7:30, I went to the restroom and there was AF. I was so disappointed. I had all the symptoms, believing God, praying over my belly, sore breast, backaches, headaches and everything. I've been so emotional, and again I'm thinking that was one of the side effects of being pregnant. Boy was I wrong. So again I start round 2 of clomid this week and I just have to trust God, because this is my hearts desire to give my husband a child. I pray all of you have much success and healthy babies.


isa - October 18

we were given for my dh stresstabs z-bec (stress tabs with zink, b vit, e vit and c vitamins. So far it hasnt work with his #'s or motility but we were told it could be up to 3 months before any results are seen. I also read the same that a sperm test wont show any major changes for 3 months as that is the replenishment time for sperm (somthing like that). Anyways this is my 2nd cycle on clomid 50mg this month days 2-6 (down from 100mg last month) plus injectibles starting tomorrow day 6. I have more hot flashes on the lower dose of clomid than i did on the higher and they started sooner than the first round.


miranda - October 19

well today is cycle day 17 and i finaly got a temp rise...we didnt bd yesterday but everyday before that we did and then again this morning, think i still got a chance if i o'd yesterday?


Molly - October 20

Hi everyone, that's great news, Miranda - I'll have my fingers crossed for you! I am cd 19 today after 2nd round of Clomid. Hoping this month is it! Wannabe, that's so sad! It's so disappointing, isn't it! I hate af! I to have been fervantly praying and believing that it can happen - it's just hard to keep believing it will happen isn't it!


pv - October 20

hi all fnds on clomid.. i will start my clomid first cycle on 22oct. do u ahev any idea,what will doctor do on 13day of my cycle as she called me for sonogram. what will clomid do? i hope u will help me,my mood is so off as my AF came. we r ttc 6 mths,had HSGdone,normal blood test,spermcount normal but dont know what is happening?


Wannabe - October 20

Yes, Molly it is disappointing. I wonder sometimes did I not take the pills as I should or what. Does the clomid pill need to be taken at the exact same time everyday? Where did I screw this up? My mom to me to let it go and let God take over...molly, I'm trying so hard to cast my cares...it's just hard, but I do know that God knows best.


Robin - October 21

Wannabe~~you and I seem to be seeing things from the same point of view. we have been ttc for 7 mo and just went to the doc. he thinks i have pcos and wants to start me on clomid this next cycle. I have been telling myself for months that God knows what is best and if we are meant to have a baby, we will. I pray and pray that I will get PG but always end by asking Him to let His will be done. I am really hoping that by keeping a prayerful attitude that eventually my time will come. Hope it comes for you very soon.. I know how disappointing it can be when you think you are PG only to have AF come. (happened to me in August the morning that I was going for a blood PG test) I'll keep you and all of you ladies in my baby prayers! ~~baby dust~~



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