2nd Day on CLOMID.. anybody else????
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Lula - June 21

Hi, this is my second day on clomud (3-7days) just wondering if anybody else wants to wait... or just chat...


Paula - June 21

Hello Lula, this is my 4th day on Clomid 100mg (days 4-8) just wondering if you are experience anything different. I was expecting some changes and I yet to feel any, what about you? I know that I should o 6-8 days after the last pill, so I will be bding 5-9 after the pill, straight through. Baby Dust to you!!!!!


lula - June 21

hi paula, no... not yet, but this is my 3rd cycle, so i know the hot flashes and moodiness is around the corner...lol.., u should feel the o thoght.. good luck.


Drew - June 21

Hi ladies! Istarted my second cycle on the 7th, so I'm in the 2ww right now. It's gonna be a long 2 weeks....!
~~~Baby Dust~~~


Lena - June 22

Hi Lula, Is this your first cycle with clomid? My first cycle was the hardest. I just finished taking it for the fourth time on Saturday and I hardly felt any side effects. A few hot flashes one evening but that was about it for me this time.


Lula - June 22

Lena; this is my 3rd and last cycle. And every month is the same hot flashes, dizziness and moodyy...So i really hope this will work.


Drew - June 22

Lula, is your doc putting you on anything else after your last round of Clomid? If this month doesn't work for me I have one more month then onto something called Pergonal. Whats next for you? I'm curious about the second step. :)


Tiffy - June 22

I have an appointment with my dr. to start Clomid..... is it as terrible as it sounds?


Lola - June 22

Drew: The next step is going to Infertility Specialist. My gyno. put me on Clomid for 3 months. The last time i got pregnant was July of last year, but i had an ectopic, so another year of ttc she put me on clomid.


Lena - June 23

Drew, please keep us posted on your 2ww. I go for IUI tomorrow and Friday so my 2ww is just about to begin.

Lula, Are you limiting yourself to only 3 clomid cycles or is your doctor? The literature I've always read says a course of 6 clomid cycles before moving on.

My clomid side effects were less this month, but had my u/s today and only 1 follicle. I've had 3 follicles all the other times. Argh! I really hope the 'boys' can find just the one target. They haven't done right by me when I've given them 3 targets in the past. Oh well, at least this cycle I won't have to worry about college tuition for triplets.


Lula - June 23

The side affects are killing me, so i limitted myself, and my dr is not tracking me like yours, she said that i should go to specialist (and she told me to do that after the 1st cycle, but i gave it try) So............. hopefully this month would work for me and u guys....


Shelley - June 24

Hi ladies, I just wanted to wish you all the best of luck!! It worked the first month for me. I did not feel any different on clomid untill the day I ovulated, I never had ovulation pains untill then, it was pretty cool to know it worked. Good luck to all of you!!!


Lena - June 25

I had my second of two IUIs today. Yesterday went so well that I felt really positive and today was as bad as yesterday was good. First our donor's specimen was poor with only 3 million motile sperm. Then my RE poked me with the catheter and I'm bleeding like crazy. I usually have a spot or two after IUI, but today I bled so bad 2 hrs post IUI that I bled through my pants like a heavy period and had to run home with a sweatshirt tied around my waist.

This cycle has been cursed from the start. I had to drive an hour at 9pm to get my clomid b/c our local pharmacy ran out, then I only had 1 follicle, a poor specimen, and finally blood. And to top it off, I turn 39 on Tuesday.

Thank you for letting me vent. I really needed to let off some steam.


Lula - June 27

Lena:Sorry to hear that sweetie... Happy Birthday!!! Dont be sad its all worth it.... Baby dust


Myra - June 28

My husband was put on clomid.
he has a low count. and we have been trying for 3 years now. I am fine. The Dr. gave him clomid to try for 30 days. Hope it works. Any one else have this happen or heard of this before?


Lena - June 29

Lula, thanks for the kind words. My 2ww has actually been quite easy despite by earlier complaining. Since I've convinced myself there is no possible way I could be pregnant, I'm not doing the stressful daily countdown to test. THis is the most relaxed I've felt in quite a few months so maybe something miraculous will happen just because of that.


Lena - June 29

Myra, Clomid for men is quite common. I'm a horse breeder and my first experience with clomid was for a stallion that had low sperm count. Since each spermatazoa reproduces itself he'll never be able to increase his sperm count, but clomid is very successful in ensuring that the spermatazoa that are replicated mature to motile (moving), well-formed sperm, which increased your total motile count. I'm imagining the 30-day trial is to see if your husband realizes this benefit.



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