2 years and still nothing!!
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xRhiannex - March 28

I had a termination just over 2 years ago (i hate myself for it everyday). but i didnt go back for a follow up visit with a doctor because i felt awful and wanted to take it all back. ever since then ive been trying to get pregnant and havent got anywhere!! can some one help me please!!! by the way im 20 with a 31 day cycle like clockwork


JenG - March 30

Go to your OBGYN. If you have been trying for that long, you need to let him/her know. It could be as simple as you are not trying at the right time or you may have some scar tissue from the last pregnancy. It happens. That can prevent pregancy from successfully occurring. Some women get secondary infertility. Our bodies change each time after this. I had a miscarriage and they did several diagnostics to make sure I was okay. Finally... you have to forgive yourself. Its done and you will not be successful in the furture if you do not find peace. I wish you the best!



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