2 periods a month??
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dana - February 17

This is my first month an chlomid and I had 2 periods 10 days apart!! During my fertility stage I had a period! Anyone else have this? Periods were quite regular before this. I also felt very hormonal and tired. Why would I have 2 periods that lasted 5 days each , Any answers?


DIane - June 5

I am 42 yrs old and this is the very first time i got 2 periods 15 days apart?? is this normal?I have been under alot of stress...Could that bring it on??.i'm a little worried as your mind starts to wonder...I have not had sexual relations in a very long time..


Mr. T - June 5

You have Satan in you. Have a nice day!



Tors - June 6

Dana i am on my first round of clomid too and the same thing is happening to me. I can't remember all the advice the gyno gave me as there was too much to take in. I have no idea if i should be seeing the doctor or taking more clomid.



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