2 faint positives after 5-7 mins
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rachy - June 27

i had 2 faint + this morning but 2 days before that i have had a slight discomfort in 1 side of my lower abdomen and wen i apply pressure i can really feel it then its on the right side my af due on 2nd july


Amy - June 27

Congradulations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I think u r pregnant and its ok to feel some pain or discomfort as long as u dont bleed.


rachy - June 27

the test did say that after 10 minutes do not read the test as it may give the wrong result but it took 5-7 minutes for mine i didnt time it but it was vey faint like a very light pink it wasnt grey or there wasnt an indentation in the stick it was very faint pink i hope i am pg i am going to take a first response test tomoroow and then if it still shows like that i will do a digital 1


Brandy - June 27

It definately sounds like you are PG. NO matter how light the lines are it is +++, Go to the doctor to confirm, and get started on Folic Acid and Pre Natal Vitamins.


kc - June 27

I think the girls are right. I would go to the doc asap because of the pain in your side. Just to be sure the baby implanted where it is supposed to. Congrats!!!!



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